Apple grabs 27% of global LTE device market, Samsung loses share

“Apple may have only released its first LTE phone in September, but already the US firm has grabbed 26.7 percent of the global LTE device market, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics,” Jon Russell reports for TNW.

“Despite Apple’s strong debut, Samsung remains top of the pile for LTE devices for the seventh quarter in succession,” Russell reports. “However its rival’s entry had a significant impact on its market share, which dropped to 40 percent in the third quarter, down from 50.9 percent three months previous.”

Russell reports, “Strategy Analytics’ estimate of 50 million global LTE subscriptions is corroborated by a prior report from Korea’s Parks Associates which came up with the same figure after crunching the numbers in July.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Strategy Analytics’ data covers July-September. Apple’s first LTE-capable smartphone, iPhone 5, launched on September 21st, a mere ten days before the end of the quarter, and is still rolling out to worldwide markets.


    1. I suspect thatiPad 3 had 90 + % of the LTE market. IPad 4 and mini LTE models probably still have 85 to 9 % since most tablets, especially the low end ones are not LTE.

      Yesterdays PX cut on Amazon HD to me indicates that uptake is less than availability. Buyers of cheap tablets becasue they are cheap are not good candidates for LTE data plans. IMHO

  1. well, actually, this information seems little wrong. due to iphone 5 delay has been so much, Samsung has eaten market share dramatically. now, apple tries to catch up. but at least it is too late. now, take a look at US market. Samsung is still number one whether you deny the fact or not.

    1. Samsung may be number one in LTE but that time is limited. Last time I checked Many LTE phones including Samsung’s phones suffer from very poor battery life. Samesung may have market share but is not making much profit which is the bottom line for a business. Market share meanings nothing if are you aren’t making money.

  2. For now at least.
    The sad thing is that the iPhone 5 isn’t compatible with the LTE-Networks of like the whole EUROPE, except UK. Of course the iPhone 5 can still use 3G which gives speeds of like 35 Mbit down and that really more than good enough for a phone but still not LTE. I guess we have to wait for iPhone 6 before we got a real LTE phone in Europe. But since 3G is fast it should not be a deal Breaker but something competitors can take advantage of in advertising etc. And this will make Apple lose LTE-share BIG if counted correctly.

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