Apple leads tech rally

“Shares of Apple Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc. led an early tech sector rally on Tuesday, lifting the Nasdaq Composite Index back up above 3,000,” Benjamin Pimentel reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple stock gained 2.4% to $543.70. In a note, ISI Group analyst Brian Marshall cited China Unicom’s announcement of more than 300,000 preorders for the iPhone 5 set to go on sale on Friday. China Unicom is China’s second largest carrier,” Pimentel reports. “‘We continue to believe the iPhone 5 will be in about 100 countries and about 240 carriers by the end of this month,’ Marshall wrote.”

Pimentel reports, “Also on the rise were shares of Texas Instruments, up more than 3% at $30.81. Late Monday, the chip maker narrowed its earnings and sales forecast for the fourth quarter.”

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    1. Don’t think it’s over. Many Apple shareholders (Like Me!) haven’t yet decided on taking capital gain or not in 2012. So pricing will be spotty through end of year.

      I think there will be great buying opportunity between now and 12/31.

  1. MDN, could you please clutter every article with more ads? I am finding it nearly impossible to navigate without pop up ads everywhere. Maybe you could sell your design as a game. We could get points for managing to get through an article and comments without touching an ad. You, like USA Today make using a touch screen plain torture.

    1. Jeez, Joe, when you go to some friends’ house (without an admission fee, of course), do you complain right off the bat about their carpet or drapes? Do you ask them to change their jobs because you don’t like what they do to make a living? Why not just vote with your feet here AND NEVER VISIT THE SITE AGAIN? After all, isn’t that the best way to show your dissatisfaction? By the way . . . what do YOU do to meet the monthly bills, Joe? Bet we wouldn’t like it.

    2. Ads is how MDN remains viable and profitable. We could be paying a fee for the service…

      I have two tools to deal with mass marketing mayhem:
      1) I’ve trained my brain not to see it. Maybe that’s a personal skill, but it works well for me.
      2) I know about the hacking tools I can add to my browsers to provide a more pleasant viewing experience. They shall not be named. Homework is required.

  2. It’ a nice $400 stock. The fanbois and churners may prop it for a season, but the truth is that Apple’s huge margins are shrinking and the overhead of a growing physical plant and headcount increase the consumption of cash flow.

  3. “Shares of Apple Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc. led an early tech sector rally on Tuesday, lifting the Nasdaq Composite Index back up above 3,000″

    I think whats super-STRANGE for all of us here, the Apple cognoscenti, is watching AAPL bash and smash around in price for NO SENSIBLE REASON. That’s probably because we are used to the old Apple of the past where shares were bought and sold according to sane, logical analysis of how Apple was actually (versus fictionally) doing. That’s GONE.

    Now we get to watch what the CATTLE daytraders are doing and attempt to figure out HERD BEHAVIOR. The realities of Apple Inc. remain as undertones below the BELLOWING of MOOs and BAHHHs. That’s very unnerving.

    Essentially: We’re not used to living in a BARN. 😉

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