Amazon claims biggest Kindle sales day ever, refuses to disclose actual unit sales data

“In a press release issued on Tuesday, Amazon boasted that Cyber Monday 2012 was the ‘biggest day ever for Kindle sales worldwide.’ Sales were boosted in particular by a $129 price for the Kindle Fire,” AppleInsider reports.

“Amazon has repeatedly bragged about sales of the Kindle lineup, and even claimed in August that the Kindle Fire accounted for 22 percent of the U.S. tablet market,” AppleInsider reports. “But Amazon has failed to publicly state how many units it has sold of any device in its Kindle lineup, which includes e-ink readers and touchscreen tablets with color LCD displays.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Amazon on Kindle. Lots of talk, no substance. As usual.

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  1. 1. show me the money (stats that is, or at least your freakin’ laser beam, huah, huahauhuahaha)

    2. “best sales day ever” means jack. if Amazon sold 1 kindle on saturday, 2 on monday, 3-10 today?! if you sold 22% of Tabs’ worth, why not reveal those wonderful #s, are you lying?!

    3. Kindle. exactly. for kinder. nada serious. flimsy plastics. flimsy inside.

  2. Talk is cheap, shows us the numbers. Maybe the more important number is the profit margin. any company can sell a product at cost or a lost in large numbers. Till we see some real sales figure it is all Bull Shit.

  3. They are making zip money, sell the Kindle at a loss, refuse to disclose how many Kindles they have sold or how much money they have generated in sales from user purchases on average from the Kindle’s sold. And yet their stock is selling at a crazy high. What is wrong with this picture? Prediction: Something is going to start unwinding with Amazon and when it does it will not be pretty.

  4. Since they sell Kindles for less than they cost to make, shouldn’t headline read “Amazon reports biggest financial loss ever” or “Amazon leading craproid peddlers in race to the bottom”

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