Who’d be nuts enough to sell Apple?

“When I want a good laugh I watch the cult movie ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy.’ When I look at the price action on Apple (AAPL) recently I think ‘The Market Must Be Crazy,'” ,” Jim Van Meerten writes for TheStreet.

“What the heck is happening here? I can’t see any reason to sell this stock and I see every reason to have it on your watchlists and be prepared to hit the buy button at any moment,” Van Meerten writes. “”

Van Meerten writes, ” If you own Apple, hold on to it. If you are trying to decide to buy more, realize that this is a stock with double-digit projections for growth in revenue and earnings selling at a discount to the market. Analysts are telling their clients they can make 15% to 22% annual total return.”

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  1. … somewhere over $600 – preferably closer to $700! Mostly so I could use the money to buy back in when it went below $590 or so. Not that I don’t like AAPL, just that I don’t like my wife’s panic attack when she sees she’s lost half of her profit over the past week or two. Oh, and I like buying additional shares using someone else’s money.

  2. If the “Median Target” is $770 and AAPL is $547.53 now then there is a 40.6% increase from here at this time. Not “15% to 22%” increase from here now!

    1. Good Math 🙂 iAgree and iBought < $547 yesterday because it was on "Sale"!!!!

      $702 is going to happen in < 3 months!!!
      Christmas 2012 will be a bumper crop for AAPL as usual 🙂

      EZ 30% profit for me 🙂 Thank you panic off the cliff so called investors 🙂

  3. I sold some (a very small portion of my holdings) at the beginning of this most recent dip (at right around $660). I actually needed the liquidity for something else, and haven’t been taking out profits on the ride up (I’ve been buying AAPL for a LONG time now).

    That said, I bought some today, and I am definitely still way LONG on AAPL.

  4. What? The Fool gives aapl a realistic AND positive outlook. I’m old now but at least I lived long enough to see it happen. There was a day not so long ago when The Fool could not, under any circumstances, bring itself to say one single positive thing about the stock, even as Apple’s jet engines were in full thrust and it was very clear to the most investually illiterate that we were seeing the meteoric rise of a rare-gem of a unusually well run company.

    Apple has an interesting way of doing thing’s the right way (as a corporation), and I think that’s why Tim was chosen, because he understands how to run Apple. No he’s not the illuminated design visionary that SJ was, but think about it, who is? Really, look around, who is or even could be, and be an amazing entrepenuer too? Yes, there are and have been people at Apple who are extraordinary at specific things, but no one is going to be a SJ, not at Apple or anywhere else. Does that mean the end of Apple? Of course not. It just means that in true Apple fashion, things will be different, and for Apple that has always been and always will be a good thing.

    For those of us who’ve bought into Apple for high risk short term gains it may well be time to see Apple as well-settled into the market place, which may be a sign that we need to shift gears and begin to see Apple more as a good solid component of a well rounded portfolio and less as a get-rich-quick venue.

    Whatever the case… My opinion is that we need to all stop being Wall Street Sheep, and we all need to stop being the sheep of the current politico. Let’s get our individual heads screwed back on straight, and stop buying into this self purpetuating panic about everything so that we can more clearly see where we should be going.

    (Wheeee… This fun.)

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