Tim Bajarin: Apple iPad mini could cause PC sales to fall off a cliff

“Now that the iPad Mini has been out for a while and many of us at Creative Strategies have been testing them, it is becoming clear to us that this 7.9” form factor or most 7” inch models will literally become the most important tablet for consumers in the future,” Tim Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “There are a lot of reasons for this, but the main one is that it is light, thin, and in the iPad’s case, delivers a best in breed tablet experience. Also, these smaller tablets will always be cheaper than larger tablets because the BOM cost for a smaller version will always be less than the bigger models.”

“There is an 80/20 rule with tablets that is becoming an important metric when it comes to tablets and PCs. It turns out most consumers can do about 80% of the most common tasks they do with a PC on a tablet, and any other key tasks, such as media management, large spreadsheets, music server, etc are designated to the laptop,” Bajarin writes. “But once I started using the iPad Mini, I found that it now became my go-to-device because of its lightweight, small size and literal duplication of everything I have on the iPad as well as the full iPad experience.”

Bajarin writes, “But there is an interesting twist to this. When my only tablet was my iPad, I defaulted to my laptop for heavy lifting tasks. But once I started using the iPad Mini, I found myself-defaulting to the 9.7” iPad with its keyboard as my main productivity device and found that in this case, a 90/10 rule kicked in. That means that I spent 90% of my time on these tablet solutions and only about 10% on my laptop.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

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    1. Agreed.
      The iMac in the household is the base station with 2TB of storage and the tablet is the thing to pack when on the road.

      It also allows the phone to go back to being just that – a phone.

    2. Definitely – I’m going for 27″ iMacs when available as the base stations, with iPads and iPhones as the mobile components.

      Sweet as they are, my MBPs – which with 20″ Displays, have been heavy-lifters for the last five years or so – are clunkers compared with the tablets, and not as good as iMac.

    3. I don’t think they will be “going away.” Quite a few “experts” were speculating that desktop computers were going away when laptops started to possess equivalent CPU power and their LCDs became large (high res) enough, so that users were able to do the same tasks on laptop that previously required a desktop. But that did not happen, thankfully…

      I think desktops (like iMac) will become more popular again, as tablets start to displace more and more laptop sales. I have an iMac and I plan to buy an iMac again, as my “big” computer.

  1. Remember when the experts laughed at the notion of a post PC world?

    So who’s laughing now?

    The 80-20 rule seems dead on, that’s about how my iPad and MBP use breaks down.

  2. For the Windows PC Box makers, 10 or 20 percent usage is hard to brake and infect those turds. It could be 10 years (IF EVER) before people think about buying a desk computer. I think, the iPads and their apps will due what ever else people need to have done in 5 or 10 years.

    This game is over!

  3. SOON…. you’ll arrive at the office, plug your monitor into your pad, wait as Bluetooth mouse and keyboard connect, and get to work. When you do, you’re OS will change slightly, and power more full featured apps (software). The only missing element is Office for the Mac. (Yes, I prefer Pages, but the business world runs on Excel. )

    1. Bad premise. Adding a large monitor does nothing for processor performance, app performance, or available memory. Unless you anticipate a monitor with additional processors, memory, etc. on board (i.e. an iMac), your solution makes no sense.

      This is where cloud storage comes in and makes syncing documents a thing of the past. You don’t need multiple computers, just carry your iPad and mirror (AirPlay) to a larger monitor if you like.

      Guess what? The Future’s pretty much here, we’re all just not using it as designed yet.

    2. @Pirate: Very interesting observation. You could be closer to the way things will be in perhaps three years than many people think. My only added comment would be that if the h/w evolves to that point, you’d think that some component of s/w will evolve such that whatever’s on your pad, Excel and Word wouldn’t care. They’d just seamlessly integrate into whatever “editor” you’re using on your pad to create or use text or spreadsheet documents. I know, I’m probably an optimistic dreamer here, but one can only hope…

  4. Yeah, the day of the Windows PC is over. It was a good run. Google and Apple now take it’s place. ios and Android will continue to improve in every way, the ARM chips likewise, and for Apple the homogeny between OSX and iOS will be fairly natural, obvious and painless.

  5. Until your iTunes dies like mine did. Then it’s 0/100, or 100/0. Actually becoming more like 0/0. My ipad is slow and laggy and very frustrating to use.
    With my PC dead and no iTunes, I am totally screwed because I can’t wipe and backup my iPad on another iTunes without f***ing something up. Either losing my library, some photos, all my config or app settings layouts.. whatever.

    My first gen iPad is making me need a new PC sooner ! PC free my ass.

    1. Looks like another retard didn’t take the advice to do regular back-ups. Just buy another Dell with Windows 8 and start the whole cycle over again. Stay away from Apple products, you’re not intelligent enough.

      1. And who gave you the right to be so rude to someone. Do you think you are God’s gift to this board. Might want to make sure your brain is working before letting your fingers make you look like a jackass.

  6. This article will have to be re-written for the Surface:

    “I would spend 15% of the time rebooting following all those crashes, 10% of the time getting my cover replaced when it starts to split (with 5% of THAT time being patched up with tape so that I can finish my email).
    About 50% of the time would be spent figuring out where the heck my document got saved to and why my scrolling goes side to side one minute and then up and down – all on it’s own – and why my app store is so sodding empty …and the last 25% would be used up blubbering into my beer while I try to figure out if Microsoft will ever make something that just works…”

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