An iPad mini epiphany

“So, I’m reading this article entitled: ‘Physicians excited about lab coat pocket-ability of Apple’s iPad mini’ and I suddenly have an epiphany,” John Kirk writes for TechPinions. “Or, at least, a mini-ephiphany. Or indigestion. Not exactly sure which.”

“Anyway, it occurs to me as I’m reading this article that there is an entire sector of computing where the iPad, in general, and the newly minted iPad Mini, in particular, have no competition,” Kirk writes. “They OWN this market.”

Kirk writes, “In July, I wrote an article entitled: ‘The PC is the Titanic and the Tablet is the Iceberg. Any Questions?’ The purpose of that article was to show how the tablet would undercut the PC because many of the things that the tablet did well, the PC did poorly or not at all. I went back and re-visted that article with the iPad Mini in mind.”

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        1. actually Bloomberg maybe a “republican” but if you mean conservative, he is not. He is more liberal but he pick Republican when he ran for mayor to rise on Guiliani coat tails especially after 9/11 attack.

    1. Some have, but there have been many either denying Apple would ever make an iPad Mini, or asking who on earth would possibly want one. Well, me, and plenty like me, who use contour maps for navigation in the countryside, and need a device with a bigger screen than my iP5, but an iPad is much too big for outdoor use. The Mini is perfect, and countless people will find it indispensable for day-to-day use.

    2. Yes, me too. Been saying this from iPad 1 day one! To me, It is a natural and not something that has to be “thought” about, unless one is “vision” impared. The need has been there for ages. For anyone halfway observant going back to the Newton, and all of the different aberations from different companies since then, there has been a market for a coat pocket computer.

  1. I’ve been able to use Citrix on my Kindle Fire for months now. And since I’m not a huge fan of Android I don’t mind keeping it in my grubby lab coat. I’d be too worried about an iPad mini being damaged or stolen from my lab coat to carry it around.

    1. Unless one’s an absolute clutz, a solidly constructed, glass and aluminum iPad is less likely to be damaged in a lab coat pocket than any other tablet. Thievery is not something I would think is big problem in lab settings.

      Unless we’re talking about meth labs. 🙂

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