RUMOR: Apple prepping next-gen ‘iPad mini 2’ with 2,048 x 1,536 Retina display

“The iPad mini was unveiled by Apple in October and hit the shelves on 2 November. It’s expected that a second version of the new tiny tablet will be released in 2013, with some estimating a March/April release, and others predicting an October release to start an annual upgrade schedule,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK.

“Within days of the iPad mini’s launch date, sources from the supply chain in China said that iPad mini display maker AUO is working on a 2,048 by 1,536 pixel resolution display for a future [7.9-inch] iPad mini, bringing the pixel density up to Retina standard, and above that of the iPad 4 [2048 x 1536, 9.7-inch diagonal],” Allsopp reports. “It’s possible that Apple will introduce a more expensive Retina iPad mini while keeping the cheaper, non-Retina mini on sale alongside it for those that prefer to save money rather than invest in a better display.”

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  1. I think in this case Apple needs to move fast and get that iPad Mini with Retina display out ASAP! I’ll go as far as saying that Apple should have released it with the Retina Display originally even if supplies would have been low.

    1. Why? They don’t seem to be having any problems selling the current one. They would have had to delay the launch if they waited until the Retina displays were available in quantity.

        1. Yeah, I don’t like the display, or the price point, so not for me, but from Apple’s perspective, getting it out now wasn’t a mistake with the sales numbers we’re seeing.

          Even if they would have had Retina displays available, it would have forced the price up more, probably slightly above the iPad 2 pricing.

      1. I think in the long run it was the wrong decision. Apple has never in the past ever released a display less than competitive in the current market. Right now as it stands the iPad Mini has a display that is behind Apple quality standards in my opinion. Apple should have given us as the very least the option for the new Retina quality display on the iPad Mini period.

    2. They rushed it to compete, finally, with Amazon and Google. They overpriced it because they didn’t want to have to jack up the price when costs of retina displays affects their bottom line. It also allows them to lower the price like iPad 2/iPad line.

      1. Sounds logical, and I don’t agree with Apple’s decision. Apple should at the very least have given an option for a Retina display on the iPad Mini. I’m sure many would have paid extra for it with no complaining.

  2. Yes to an annual upgrade cycle, but starting March/April, not waiting til October. Stagger the mini and full-size iPad releases 6 months apart.

    Annual refreshes of mobile products is no longer cutting it. Apple also shouldn’t wait for major iOS releases to add ridiculously simple things just to include them in a long list of “new features”

  3. Most definetly march !!

    With the sales of the current iPad mini reducing the stock of Samsung displays , There is no option but to release the retina version !!


  4. I want, but can’t afford a Mini to go with my Pad and iP5. I need an easily portable device with a bigger screen than my phone, for use with small-scale contour maps, around 1:50k or 1:25k, and the Mini is practically made for this. A retina screened version in maybe six months would suit me perfectly.

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