Apple notifies former MobileMe subscribers of new email addresses

“Back in July, Apple revealed during developer testing of iOS 6 that it would be launching new email addresses for users of the service, with former MobileMe members using or address also receiving equivalent addresses,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Those new addresses have been rolling out gradually over the past several months for former MobileMe members, and Apple now appears to have completed that transition, sending out an email to former MobileMe members notifying them of the new email address option,” Slivka reports.

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  1. For my personal account, .mac will remain. Fewer letters, easier to provide verbally and really tells where my loyalty lies. I think the .me and now .icloud are silliness at best.

    1. Ditto here but interesting I’ve seen this iCloud. com address for the past two weeks. I love my address and will use it forever. Nine years now, why give up a good thing.

  2. Instead of this surfeit of email addresses, I would like to be able to merge my several iTunes accounts. Yikes! Right now I have to log in with these different accounts just to update my iPhone and iPad apps.

    It’s a painful process to take note of which apps are on which account, delete them from my phone and my ipad, delete them from iTunes and then download them again from the apps store. Even more painful when they are apps that I’ve already paid for once on the account that I am trying to eliminate.

    Apple, it’s supposed to be simple.

  3. Oh for God’s sake Apple, pick something and STICK WITH IT. You change functionality just because, you change services for what reason I can’t fathom, you build some amazing software and trumpet to the world+dog how great it is, then let it languish and fade away. You really are becoming like Microsoft.
    And it’s pissing me off!

  4. Folks, this is Mac Daily News. Therefore it’s likely we all have Macs and so to us a address fits. But to millions of folks who don’t own a Mac but do own an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, makes much more sense.

    1. FYI – It was “” before and after the service was renamed from iTools to .Mac.

      And after it was renamed MobileMe, any existing email address (using that you had under .Mac was kept. Apple just gave you an additional one automatically that was the version. And now, you get another one that uses So, an “early adopter” could potentially have as many as 15 email addresses for their one iCloud account. 🙂

  5. I now have something like 13 email address aliases, because I get to keep all the existing ones (that used and, plus the new ones using My favorites (and most often used) are still the ones using Too bad I can’t create any new ones using…

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