Steve Jobs’ yacht ‘Venus’ unveiled in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands (with video)

“Earlier this year, it was revealed that French designer Philippe Starck was working with Dutch shipbuilder Feadship on a new yacht for the family of Steve Jobs,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors. “The yacht had been mentioned in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs as a project he had been working on since 2009, but the ship was not completed before his death last year.”

“Dutch site One More Thing now reports [Google translation] that the ship, christened “Venus”, has officially launched, with Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs and their three children participating in the event,” Slivka reports. “The aluminum-hulled ship is said to be 70-80 meters in length and features seven 27-inch iMacs lined up in the wheelhouse to help run the controls.”

Steve Jobs' family yacht
Steve Jobs’ family yacht controlled via seven 27-inch iMacs


More photos and info via Dutch site One More Thing here.

MacDailyNews Take: We miss you, Steve!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “David G.” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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    1. No way would Jonathan Ives design such an ugly yacht. Perhaps the interior is beautiful but the superstructure itself is horrendous. Most of the superyacht captains in the industry are of the same opinion. Looks like some semi modern Dutch barge. Check out the other Feadship Designs and you will see what I am referring to. The yacht Tango is one of them.
      No disrespect whatsoever to the Jobs family.

      1. There is the American classical composer Charles Ives. There is the British industrial designer (design chief at Apple) Jonathan Ive. There is no Jonathan Ives.

        To me, the yacht has a very Jobsian minimalistic look. As for the ‘Tango’ of Feadship, it looks like something designed for a Russian tycoon. I can’t imagine Steve would want to be caught dead in such a thing. But that is just my personal opinion…

      2. I’m not keen on the rectangular glass command house, it looks too much like a house boat, but I do like the space needle-like hull.

        If the superstructure had echoed the hull design in some way, I think it would have flowed much nicer.

        1. I truly am shocked at how appalling this is, its like someone has taken the Jonny Ive minimalist look and given it to Gucci to bling up a bit and has gone completely over the top… and then for good measure gone over the top once again. Looks like a floating summerhouse after the flood hit. Thank God the original news that Starck was designing an Apple product proved foundless becasue I remember saying back then something like this studio specialises in taking minimalist to extremes and then adding pointless additions to shock. How true were those words.

    1. You betcha, buster. ‘Eos’, ‘Maltese Falcon’, those are yachts.
      All you supplicants can look em up online so you don’t remain
      clueless. I can’t help you with tasteless, though.

    1. To be fair, SJ’s yacht does look a bit edgy – sharp, straight prow and beveled stern with lots of flat surfaces. It isn’t something that I would necessarily have chosen (if I even had the money to commission a yacht). I didn’t see any details on the design, but I would have expected more indications of a “green” aspect to the design.

      In the end, I like it, if only because it is one last view into the psyche of the person that was Steve Jobs.

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