Apple’s Phil Schiller on the State of the Mac

“With Tuesday’s unveiling of the iPad Mini and a fourth-generation full-sized iPad, this has been a major week for the iPad,” Harry McCracken reports for TIME Magazine.

“But this newsiest of tech news weeks also turns out to be a reasonably significant one for the Mac,” McCracken reports. “Much of Apple’s Tuesday event was devoted to new models, including a substantial overhaul of the 13″ MacBook Pro with a Retina display, two absurdly thin new iMacs and an updated Mac Mini [sic].”

McCracken reports, “After the Tuesday presentation, I sat down with Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller… ‘This is what Apple has always been about, and the Mac has been about, from the first Mac and first iMac,’ Schiller said. ‘It’s always been about making the best Mac we know how. Among the many benefits are making it easy to use and affordable, with great features. This high level of integration is part of delivering on that.'”

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    1. Wouldn’t you love to be able to fix your posting’s grammar or spelling? I would.

      iOS is a subset of OS X. OS X is used to develop all the iOS apps. So, you are correct, OS X is here to stay. iOS devices must have them to exist.

    2. I just wish the Mac Pro would get the same love the rest of the product line gets. All this waiting is killing us and it’s doubtful there will be that many changes in the Mac Pro design. If they bring out a Mac mini-tower though all will be more easily forgiven.

      1. I have to second that! I couldn’t wait any longer and bit the bullet back in July for a shiny new Mac Pro.
        It would be great if the “real” Pro machine was updated regularly to keep up with the latest for those of us that need it.

    1. On target, Grigori – “Apple is a mobile device company.” – Steve Jobs at about the time the company decided to withdraw from making the best, real computers in the world. Sad but oh so true.

      1. If no one buys them, they can’t make them.
        As a professional designer, I used to always work on a Mac Pro.
        Nowadays I am TOTALLY happy with my iMac 27inch. It is so damn powerful, I don’t think I will ever go back.

  1. yes, Philly Schilly, but the mac was actually about pro users since 1984’s Mac Classic and DTP! remember DeskTopPublishing?!
    it still exists.
    it’s not longer Apple’s profit box, but 1000s of us globally are pissed that the real PC, the Mac Pro desktop tower, not iMac, is IT!

    you have not innovated anything in the Mac Pro since 2006 at least! no revolution for 6 years?!

    i love Apple to death, BUT please hurry.
    we will suffer too much to wait till next summer.
    MacPro petition on FB:

      1. petition could work on Twitter, someone has to do it, or sign the FB one and ask organizers to add it on twitter as well

        we just hope that Apple is serious enough to still produce their least profitable product, the Mac Pro
        even though the 5mm new iMac marvel rids the optical drive etc. the Mac Pro still has professional advantages!

        such as customization
        such as flexibility
        such as expandability
        such as extra hard drives
        extra graphic cards
        extra connections
        extra power
        extra speed
        extra RAM
        extra peripherals

  2. I like to embrace and extend the “End of the PC era” idea. It’s not the end of personal computers, obviously. What it is the end of, and what I think Steve Jobs was really saying is that it is the end of the Windows PC dominance era. As he said, in the PC wars, Windows won. (Sort of). Now, due to all these new technologies that are independent of Windows, it is the end of the Windows era.

    Largely because of the Internet, and cloud services, you have a choice. If your business uses, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a Windows 8 PC, or an iPad or a Mac. What really matters is the speed, compatibility, security, and reliability of your browser.

    People who prefer a full blown computer like the Mac can choose to use one. Those who only need an appliance like the iPad, can opt for that.

    End of Windows era, birth of IT choice era.

    Among my clients it is interesting to note how many are opting for cloud services rather than traditional IT. It hurts my business in some ways, and helps in others. Those that are still not quite sure whether they trust the cloud can opt to build a local infrastructure, but the savvy ones realize that running your own servers is a quaint throwback to the past at this point. Has been for some time now.

    Bottom line is still choice. Everything now is choice.

  3. When Phill Schiller introduced the new Mac minis and iMacs I was more relieved than glad. I wondered what took Apple so long to upgrade these machines. I hadn’t expected Apple to completely eliminate FireWire from the upgrades, but it seemed that this technology was getting old in the tooth.

    I hope that the Mac Pro is around the corner. I cannot imagine the feelings of frustration that the super-users must be experiencing at the moment.

  4. Apple discards any customer segment that doesn’t make pots of money for Apple. Apple calls it, “not being able to please everyone”. Apple calls it focus. But, whatever you call it. Apple’s stated mantra is not feeling the need to please all its customers, and the reason is MONEY, i.e. them making the biggest mountain of money the world has ever seen.

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