Apple preorders for iPad mini indicate strong interest

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) appears to have sold out of initial inventory for some of its new iPad Mini tablets shortly after it began taking preorders Friday, suggesting strong interest in the new product,” Dow Jones Newswires reports.

“The iPad, like the iPhone, is critical to Apple’s continued success. Together, the two devices and their related products and services account for nearly three-quarters of the company’s revenue,” Dow Jones Newswires reports. “But Apple says the iPad is also key to the PC market’s future, with Mr. Cook regularly saying he expects the tablet market to soon rival PCs in terms of unit shipments.”

Dow Jones Newswires reports, “To spur sales and take momentum from competitors, Apple released what it said was the largest lineup of new devices in its history for the holidays. In the last month, Apple has unveiled new iPod music players and desktop computers alongside a new laptop, a souped-up iPad, a newly designed iPhone and, now, the iPad Mini [sic].”

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  1. I don’t know; I think it should suped-up and not souped-up. I always thought the idea was to become “more super,” and that has little to nothing to do with soup.

  2. God, I wish the new iPad Mini was priced higher. Don’t you, my fellow apple intelligentsia. We, my friends, are smarter and able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. We do not want the begger-peasant-poor people to intrude in our world unless they want to worship and grovel at our feet.

    1. Your schtick about ‘wishing prices were higher’ is old, tired and done. If you don’t want something, don’t buy it. That simple. Sad and pathetic that you feel the need to troll a site just to mock users of a product.

  3. I seem to remember something about a Microsoft launch or announcement or something for today… All I hear is the sound of Apples everywhere.

    Any of you remember something about that… Hmm??

  4. Why do the news outlets always damn Apple with faint praise? Millions of google searches for iPad mini indicates a ‘strong interest’

    Selling out the entire pre-order inventory is a couple of orders of magnitude beyond ‘interest’. The action of ordering and putting your money where your mouth is more than curiosity or ‘interest’

      1. The number really doesn’t matter, does it? Selling out the entire inventory is far more than interest, as stated by the weaksauce article, and far better still than the so called competitors channel stuffing ‘numbers shipped’.

        Since the analcysts just pull numbrs out of thin air (and other less nice places) I’ll play along…… Apple sold 3.1 million in 17 minutes of pre-order action. Lets see what Apple has to say on Monday morning.

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