Apple’s iOS is the king of mobile ads as Android drops below BlackBerry on value for money

“Opera released its inaugural mobile advertising report in July and, three months down the line, the Norwegian browser maker is back with new insight,” Jon Russell reports for TNW.

“The Q3 2012 installment of the ‘State of Mobile Advertising’ report again finds Apple’s iOS to be the highest yielding platform on its advertising network, with Android slumping below RIM’s BlackBerry OS,” Russell reports. “[Opera’s] mobile ads platform serves more than 10,000 mobile sites and apps and delivers more than 40 billion ad impressions per month.”

Russell reports, “Apple continues to dominate proceedings, as discussed, with the Apple platform registering an overall score of $1.64 eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions), that’s some way ahead of the global average of $1.31, and it betters the Cupertino-based company’s rivals by some margin too. Android’s average slipped to $0.88, some way below BlackBerry ($1.06), while Symbian hit $0.37.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scott M.” for the heads up.]

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    1. You’re right. The mobile ad space was the sole reason GOOG ever got involved with Android in the first place. With search going mobile (it will exceed desktop searches in 2013), AND advertisers not willing to pay as much for mobile ads (and that’s less than the already rapidly falling search ad rates), GOOG may wish they never went down this path at all.

      Although they HAD to try something – their whole business model is on it’s way to collapse… One trick pony indeed.

    2. I hope you’re both correct. But I’m sure they won’t give it up without a fight – meanIng that they will try to figure out how to make it work first. Even if they have to totally screw their users first.

  1. Considering most Android users pirate their stuff, they also tend to install those apps that also block those ads. To most respectable developers, it’s a comparatively non-profitable platform, and some do it just for the “me-too” reasoning to try to cover all bases.

    1. Yeah, you can just keep enjoying your ads on Apple – they make for a stellar mobile experience! As for me, I purchase all of my apps on Android, and use Add-Free Android to block ads in the few apps that don’t offer an ad-free purchase option. Let’s face it – no one likes ads. That’s why Netflix is so popular (i.e., tv without ads). Just wish I could get sporting events without ads. Maybe someday.

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