MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s October 23rd special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will be holding their much-anticipated “iPad mini” special media event today, October 23rd, at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT (more dates and times below).

The special event will take place at the California Theatre in San Jose, California.

It is widely expected that the “iPad mini” will be unveiled today, possibly accompanied by a 13-inch MacBook pro with Retina display, iTunes 11 (built from the ground up), Mac mini, iBooks 3, and even the new iMac!

Apple is live streaming the event (see related articles below). MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Tim Cook and company’s special media event presentation right here on this page. So, just bookmark this page and we’ll see you here!

Live notes from Apple’s special media event in reverse chronological order:

• Cook: Thanks for joining us. End of event.

• Cook thanks teams at Apple for working so hard to create all of Apple’s products (except, maybe, for the Maps team; whereabouts unknown)

• Cook retakes stage, recaps Apple’s 2012: “Yes, it has been a truly prolific year of innovation for Apple.”

• 2:10PM EDT: AAPL, -$10.10 (1.59%) to $623.93

• iPad mini and 4th gen iPad: Pre order this Friday, ships Nov. 2; iPad mini and iPad (4th gen) cellular versions ship about 2 weeks later.

• iPad (4th gen) starts at $499
• iPad 2 starts at $399
• iPad mini 16GB, Wi-Fi: US$329.

iPad mini in hand
iPad mini in hand

• iPad mini: “Every inch an iPad.”

• iPad mini video now being show: Jonathan Ive’s own version of RDF (this one works) now on display: “Al-u-minimum.”
• iPad mini: Dual-core A5 processor, FaceTime HD front-side camera, 5MP iSight camera on rear, 4G LTE, 2X faster Wi-Fi, Lightning connector, 10-hour battery life
• iPad mini: 257,000 apps designed for iPad and iPad mini vs. scaled up phone apps for Android tabelts
• iPad mini is 50% larger for surfing the Web in portrait; 67% larger to surf the Web in landscape
• iPad mini vs. 7-inch Android tablet: 21.9 sq. in. for Android, 29.6 sq. in. for iPad mini is over 35% larger screen area

• Thin and light and over 275,000 apps
• iPad mini is not a dumbed-down, tiny screen, consumption-only tablet;
• 7.9-inch screen (diagonal), 1024×768 – no apps need to be rewritten; everything works unchanged
• Screen size is very important
• comes in black or white
• thin as a pencil, light as a pad of paper
• 7.2 mm thin, 0.68 lbs.
• Apple unveils iPad mini:

Apple iPad mini
Apple iPad mini

• 4th gen iPad 16GB, Wi-Fi still US$499 – twice the performance at the same price
• 10-hour battery life; 2X faster Wi-Fi; FaceTime HD camera upgrade; Lightning connector; new cables Lightning to HDMI, to VGA, to SD Card
• Schiller: We’re so far ahead, I can’t even see the competition in the rearview mirror.
• Apple unveils the iPad (4th gen) with A6X processor.
• Phil Schiller retakes stage

• New iPad is the fastest-selling iPad of all time and the best-selling tablet in the world
• Cook: With iPad, “we are just getting started.”

• 94% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPad
• iBooks Author available today: free download via App Store
• New iBooks Author version: Can use your own fonts; can insert mathematical expressions into books; multi-touch widgets, new templates; easy to update books

• Over 2500 U.S. schools now use iBooks textbooks
• Cook: These [iBooks textbooks] are enough to make you be a kid again
• iBooks textbooks are now available for 80% of the U.S. high school core curriculum
• iBook Author makes it easy to create textbooks
• Cook: People love their iPads.
• 2 weeks ago, Apple sold their 100 millionth iPad; 100 million in 2.5 years (unprecedented for a new product in a new category)
• Cook takes stage: “I’d like to talk about iPad.”

• 27-inch iMacs ship in December
• 21.5-inch, 2.7GHz i5 starts at $1299; ships in November
• OS resides on Flash and your Mac notes your often-used software and places it on the Flash drive; makes use up to 4X faster in practice
• Apple Fusion Drive: 128GB Flash storage plus a 1-3 TB hard drive – “fused” into one logical volume via software
• Intel Core i5 or i7, NVIDIA Kepler graphics, up to 32GB RAM
• New iMac (8th gen)c: 5mm thin at edge:

New Apple iMac (8th gen)
New Apple iMac (8th gen)

• $999 for Mac mini Server; all models ship today
• New Mac mini: Intel Core i5 or i7 – starts at US$599
• Mac mini: same case, upgraded inside

• Old MacBook Pro still being sold – starts at $1199
• New television ad for the 13-inch MacBook Pro being shown
• Starts at US$1699, shipping today

• Up to 7 hours battery life
• Intel Core i5 or i7
• Assymetric Lithium Battery technology
• Dual microphones, backlit keyboard, even better stereo speakers
• Pixelmator gets shout out from Schiller!
• 2560×1600 resolution, over 4 million pixels: The worlds 2nd highest resolution notebook ever (next to Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro)
• 20% thinner, 4X number of pixels, just 3.57 pounds; the lightest MacBook Pro ever
• Apple unveils new 13-inch (13.3″ diagonal) MacBook Pro with Retina display
• Apple’s #1 selling Mac is the 13-inch MacBook Pro
• Schiller: Very big day for the Mac

• Phil Schiller takes stage

• Cook: We are not standing still. We will continue innovating with the Mac.

• Mac is #1 desktop and #1 notebook in the U.S.
• Mac consistently named #1 in customer satisfaction and reliability
• Macintosh outgrew PC market for the last 6 years straight

• New iBooks is available today – free download in App Store
• Support for Korean, Chinese, Japanese
• Integrated Twitter, Facebook sharing of passages from books
• Apple announces new version on iBooks with continuous scrolling
• iBooks: Over 1.5 million books now on iBookstore; over 400 million books downloaded

• Apple has paid over $6.5 billion to developers
• 35 billion apps now downloaded from App Store
• 275,000 iPad apps in App Store now
• Shared Photo Stream: Over 70 million photos shared already
• 160 million Game Center accounts
• iMessage passes 300 billion messages int he last year; 28,000 messages sent per second
• Cook reviews Documents in the Cloud: 125 million documents used by customers in the Cloud
• Cook: iOS 6 now on 200 million in just first month

• Cook really loves the world “incredible,” but wildly over-emphasizing/half-whispering the word isn’t some magic way to invoke Steve’s RDF
• Video of iPhone 5 launch excitement from Apple retail Stores around the world
• Recap of iPhone 5 success: Over 5 million units sold in first weekend
• It’s great to be back in the California Theatre
• Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage…

• 09:51AM PDT: Apple’s online/Apple TV multi-camera live stream has begun:

Apple special event - October 23, 2012
Apple special event – October 23, 2012

• 12:51PM EDT: AAPL: -$4.90 (0.77%) to $629.13

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      1. and when you can only check the page every 30 minutes or so… (You know this thing called work…) you have to scroll DOWN to the bottom to read the article correctly.

        you find out there is a new product BEFORE you even see the first thing they post leading up to the new stuff… and since you have to refresh the page to see anything new, you read the lines leading up to the new product, hit refresh… and see the specs of the new product, now you have to scroll DOWN further to see the new product.

        it’s backwards, it’s stupid. It’s like watching a movie backwards, in chunks.

        we read top to bottom, not bottom to top. MDN does it backwards, other sites do it correctly. it’s just easier on MDN to post that way.

        thats why many of us LEAVE MDN to find out what happens at these events… I bookmark other sites that have a clue about posting these type of events.

        at least today we can watch the stream ourselves.

    1. All the naysayers will be proven wrong today about the 7-8″ iPad. Wouldn’t it be nice if Cook had something from Jobs write before his death of his approval of this idea? On the other hand Cook is now the CEO and had Jobs full support to be his own CEO and not worry about what Jobs would have done. Wow a fun morning ahead on my Apple TV watching this Apple Event!

    1. Does look nice. My 27 inch iMac is about nine months old and looks great. I don’t really need a thinner iMac. I’m not sure what that’s all about? I do wonder if you can even replace your own memory now?
      Plus they kicked the price up. Margins, margins, margins.

      1. When they took the back off to show us the innards.. I noticed that also.
        Looks like the RAM is just above the Power cord on the back. Meaning tear it ALL apart to get to the RAM.

        Or in other words… Order from Apple at time of purchase, for a small Fortune….

      2. update:

        Performance tab of the new iMac at
        “Or add more memory to the 27-inch model yourself by popping open the easy-to-access memory panel on the back.”

        so the 21.5″ are at time of purchase, 27″ can still upgrade for cheap on your own…

    1. Yeah… Bad idea apple.

      I understand the removal from the MacBook.
      Desktop….. Bad idea. Oh sure, we sell a USB drive… To burn a USB slot.

      The SuperDrive on a desktop is used a lot. I use it daily… And I have no extra USB slots left anymore. But now I can buy a bigger external USB hub!!!

      Fusion drive, love it.
      Sd card on back… Ugh.
      Not 100% sure, but looked like the ram, no longer user upgradable either… See where it was placed? Not on bottom anymore.. That’s not a good idea, apple charges a fortune for ram.

        1. I have a hub, with the new iMac I’d need a BIGGER hub.

          And yes, people still use DVD drives.
          My niece is given a dozen Dvd’s a week at school, for her class….

          Still use my PC for the blu ray ripping etc. DVD is going away, but its still used.

          Yeah I know, external drive… But still a pain to use. Great more desk space taken up.

            1. Smaller school, it’s just for one class. (She’s going for 1 year, then transferring to a Music school in Tennessee somewhere)

              and a Dozen a week was a little overboard. I know she called me last week and it was 3, she wanted to copy them. probably won’t get more disks till next week or later. they contain vids, audio and classroom stuff, turn them back in when done.

              Download them… yeah, 4-8GB disks, by 30+ students at the local internet Cafe or at home. Both of which would be hitting a limit at some point.

              the Disks are to allow them access at any time any where with no need to download 30-40GB of data onto their computer. and then have them manage the storage…
              Stream it? sure, but now you require them to have internet access.

              Flash drives.. now you are talking EASY way to add a virus/malware to the school.

              Hand me a Flash drive for me to access the stuff on it. Even if it’s “password” protected… I’d be able to modify the contents before I turn it back in. Or modify someone else’s drive…

              And besides, she gets Demo CD/DVD’s from classmates etc.

      1. With respect to the optical drive, I think you are more the exception than the rule. I can count on one hand the number of times either myself or one of my coworkers have used their optical drives in the last year.

        It no longer deserves to be a prime-time feature. Good riddance, I say.

        1. just yesterday, was given 4 DVD’s for training.

          course, i ripped them… for my own personal viewing on my iPad etc, but the 45 other people I work with… use the optical drive.

          I agree the Optical drive is going away, but NOT on the desktop… Laptop yes.
          not everyone has access to high speed internet to download everything.

          (I don’t) but many people are on a LIMITED GB plan for their internet.

            1. I use my drive almost daily. it would be easier to just keep it plugged in.

              but, the ONLY thing talked about today i want… the MBPr 13″
              i’m a year or two away from buying a new iMac so it really doesn’t matter.

            2. Me too. Have not touched it in months. Reminds me of the complaints when the floppy drive went away. You can buy the lateat and greatest externals cheaply. And if you get a disk stuck you can pry it out. I say hurray to Apple. I am getting the new 27″ with the new hybrid drive no matter what the price. Merry Xmas to me.

            3. Floppy went away due to storage capacity.
              CD replaced the floppy. (650/700mb vs 1.44mb)
              DVD replaced the CD
              Blu Ray replaced the DVD, but Apple skipped Blu Ray.
              Flash is slowly replacing HD drives. once Flash is cheap, HD’s are worthless.

              Streaming does not replace Blu Ray though…
              Stream that new movie you got from iTunes. but you can’t get the extras… nor the alternate endings, not the commentary, list goes on.

              Optical drives will still be used for years. Always a use, always legacy stuff.
              Just cause you can’t think of any reason.. doesn’t mean there are no uses.
              (Just ripped 7 movies today…)

    1. Watched it on my Apple TV 2nd Gen.
      Vid kept having hiccups.. only stopped completely once though. (for like 5 seconds)

      overall it streamed fine, blurry at times while it adjusted the stream. I assume a TON of people were live streaming it… so I kinda expected the issues.

  1. “• 27-inch iMacs ship in December”

    Merry Christmas to me!
    Merry Christmas to me!

    Actually, this one’s for work, but retiring my 2004 G5 will be a pleasure. (though it still works just as well, all this new software can be kinda pokey!) This has been a long summer of waiting.

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