Apple event expected to unveil 7.85-inch iPad, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iTunes 11 and more

“Later today, at an invitation-only event at the California Theatre in San Jose, the company is expected to unveil a number of new products — both hardware and software,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“The main attraction of the event: The eagerly anticipated smaller version of Apple’s iPad,” Paczkowski reports. “This so-called “iPad mini” is expected to feature a 7.85-inch display, which will make the device about 40 percent larger than its seven-inch rivals, Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD.”

Paczkowski reports, “Also expected to take a turn on the California Theatre stage today is a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro to complement the 15-inch version that Apple debuted earlier this year, and some updated Mac minis, as well. On the software front, a new version of iBooks, version 3.0, is likely. And an overhaul of iTunes is a certainty…”

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  1. new Apple Universal Remote.
    My hope anyway..

    current Remote is good, but not universal. Apple needs to create a good universal remote so we don’t have to use minimum of two remotes to watch ANYTHING on our Apple TV’s.

    1. FTB… If universal remote control is what you want, there are already apps for that.

      Full disclosure: I work for the company… But, have you seen iRule? (

      It’s product geared toward pros and A/V enthusiasts, so not as simple as typical Apple products, but for the geek type (like me), it’s very powerful and a blast if you’re into lots of customization.

      If you want something simple, there are good solutions for that, too.

      1. i’ll look at iRule. (honestly have not heard of it)

        and I know you can use other universal remotes with the apple TV…
        What I want in a nutshell.. iPod touch with IR. and ability to put the buttons on the screen that I WANT… not what the remote company wants.

        I don’t want to have a device sitting in the room to retransmit a signal to IR either. (like bluetooth to IR conversion)

        Looks nice, Samsung RMC30C2. but reviews say it’s crap though.. Something similar to this.

        I know someone will post some Harmony remote.. I haven’t seen one I like. Yes i’ve played with, and owned some.. don’t like them.

        1. If you want total customizability, then iRule is awesome for that. It’s what drew me to the product, first as a beta tester, then as a customer long before I started working with the company.

          I understand why you don’t want a device to retransmit, but it actually solves several problems. With what we call a “gateway”, there is no interference by sunlight or objects in the environment, you can hide devices behind doors or inside cabinets, and the best part is that you no longer have to “point” the remote (or iPod touch) in this case. You can even control the system without even being in the same room because it’s all over Wi-Fi.

          Now that I’ve had Wi-Fi control, I could never go back to IR… I LOVE it.

          I had a Harmony 1000. Never liked it. Sold it on ebay. I also had a URC MX-950. Didn’t like it. Sold it on ebay. I wanted my remote to be MY remote. I have that now.

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