A 7.85-inch iPad mini screen would offer 40% larger screen vs. tiny screen 7-inch Android tablets

“The smaller iPad is set to be unveiled [on] Tuesday, October 23rd. The most important facet of the device is the price tag as it’s directly competing with some very low price options hovering around $199,” Trevor Sheridan reports for AppleNApps.

Besides having a vibrant ecosystem of apps and third-party accessory support, “the smaller iPad will have one discernible difference regardless of price, and that’s the screen size,” Sheridan reports. “Apple is expected to unveil a 7.85” iOS device that has a 4:3 aspect ratio, as compared to competing smaller tablets that offer a 7” screen with 16:9 aspect ratio.”

Sheridan reports, “A difference of 0.85” doesn’t sound that big, but that amount actually accounts for a 40% bigger screen since you’re dealing with diagonal lengths.”

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  1. Actually 41.4%; the pundits will probably try to claim that Apple is going against Steve Jobs position with regard to 7″ tablets and this is a Tim Cook thing.

    1. If Steve were alive Apple would never have put out a mini tablet other than the iPod Touch because Steve never changed his mind on things he said he wouldn’t do.


      How about we just wait and see how consumers take to it before jumping to outrageous conclusions? If consumers go nuts over an iPad Mini then Apple will have another wildly successful product on its hands. With the holidays coming, I’m sure Apple will sell every iPM it can make.

  2. it isn’t just the diagonal measurement; the bigger influence is the ratio of the sides. the new iPad is “squarer” – only a 4:3 ratio instead of a 16:9 ratio. as a figure becomes narrower the area decreases.

  3. If in-cell screen, 10 – 20% lighter, and longer battery life are the case, I buy 4 or more for the family – 2 starter units and 2 premium ones. Price is not really an issue; ease of use, apps availability, quality, and support are much more important.

  4. The iPad mini will be a huge success. Absolutely the right size to hold in one hand for reading and media consumption.

    I still love my big iPad, my 11 inch MacBook Air and my 15 inch MacBook Pro Retina. Oh, and my iPhone 4 and 5.

    But the iPad mini is what I was missing since a while. Wanna place my order!!!

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