Decoding Apple’s October 23rd special media event invitation

“The invitations have been sent. The crowd is going wild. Twitter, the obvious place for an online tailgate, is abuzz with speculation and excitement. But what can we expect? We’ve dissected the invitation sent out by Apple to see if we can find out,” Nick Bilton and Brian X. Chen report for The New York Times.

“Apple’s choice of the word ‘little’ in the invitation practically screams smaller iPad,” Bilton and Chen report. “We’ve reported that the company is expected to announce a smaller, 7.85-inch iPad.”

Bilton and Chen report, “This is the first time in several years that Apple has held a media event at the California Theater in San Jose, Calif., which can seat 1,100 people, compared to San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the company’s usual site, which can seat 757 people. Making room for more journalists makes sense.”

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    1. Give it up. Apple has given up on computers. Just look at the steady decline of the OS, the lack of anything interesting in the computer line for years. Computers are too hard for Apple. They would rather be a toy company.

      1. Quite the contrary, Apple is clearly driving the agenda in the PC market. The OS continues to gain ground while being aligned to iOS, Macs are back and dominating in the .edu market, the MB Air is a quantum leap in mobility and practical performance from pre-flash machines. “Toy” is inconsistent with most university and research organizations relying on Macs for doing the serious stuff.

      2. If Apple is giving up on computers, then all of the other computer companies will have no one to steal ideas from! Folks, this could be the 2012 that the Mayans predicted 😉

    1. I’ve stopped using the AppStore since they forced me to fill out those dumb questions. Best part is they’re not even multilingual. Tough luck if you happen to work overseas.

  1. I find it difficult to believe after all the evidence that there are some that still doubt the introduction of the iPad mini….but I bet most of them believe in a Supreme being based on much less evidence…. And the belief in a spirit in the sky also seems a more difficult concept to swallow that a smaller iPad…but then again some people actually believe Romney will “save” us… America is a land of contradictions… Of that there is no doubt. But I love my country and it’s people !!!!

    1. Sanity breaks in:
      Why WOULDN’T anyone doubt the introduction of the iPad ‘Mini’?! There is ZERO verifiable evidence of Apple introducing one. I personally believe in something-or-other I call ‘god’ because I HAVE verifiable evidence. Consider me both utilitarian and empirical. (Look them up please).

      If the vacuumware iPad ‘Mini’ turns out to be true, then kewl! But I am sick of stupid rumors told by stupid people to stupid people who then write stupid posts calling non-believers stupid. That is the summary of what’s been going on. Be ashamed of yourself, then STFU until there is actual, verifiable factual information upon which to base an useful opinion.

      IOW: Be empirical. Be utilitarian. Be sane. It helps a lot in life, IMHO. BlahBlahBlah is worthless.

    2. Your attempt to bring religion and politics into a freaking tech media event announcement is both idiotic and puerile.
      If you recall Nobama was the one who was going to do the ‘saving’. Look how that turned out.
      I’d bet cash money you think UFOs are real, the Venus Project is viable and the moon landings were faked.

  2. From the undercurrent buzz I’m hearing, there is a strategic partnership going on with Panasonic (formerly Matsushita) and Apple. That could be a VERY good thing. Panasonic has consistently been an impressive company, despite their recent financial troubles. I want to see what they can do together. Sure beats working with those crybaby dickheads Samsung.

  3. Media reports iPad mini will be released on the first of Nov. I interpreted the colors perhaps with Autumn/ Winter (release of other products as well) I have a feeling there are going to be a few very pleasant surprises for us and that its going to be a very expensive end of year holiday shopping saga. One of each whatever is released we’ll buy for sure! Yikes!

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