Office for iOS confirmed by Microsoft product manager, due March 2013

“Microsoft product manager Petr Bobek has confirmed that the software maker is planning to release native iOS and Android versions of Office 2013 next year,” Tom Warren reports for The Verge.

“A press release, seen by The Verge, from Microsoft’s Czech Republic team confirms the availability for iOS and Android,” Warren reports. “‘In addition to Windows, Office will be also available on other operating systems, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Symbian,’ says Microsoft, while separately noting that there will also be a new version of Office Web Apps too.

Warren reports, “‘Office 365 services and other Office products for mobile (phones and tablets) will be released from March 2013,’ says Microsoft.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.” and “Dominick P.” for the heads up.]

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    1. You are all naive! The office for iOS is a trojan! All Office Applications will still not run as smoothly in iOS systems as they do in Windows. Mifiasoft will always try to attract customers into Mifiasoft products, not form compatibilities with their competition. It has been around 30 years and you all still do not undertand the strategy mafiasoft uses?

  1. Goddamn waste of time. As usual Microsoft, too little, too late. You’re a software company dammit, not a fanboy club.

    I have from the earliest days of when Steve Jobs was still alive installed Pages and Numbers for iOS as well as having Pages, Numbers & Keynote as an iWork package on OS X. The iCloud synchronization alone is worth the $9.99 per app. With Mountain Lion, it’s even easier to synchronize all your iWork documents across of all of your Apple devices. And if you have an iPhone, iPad & iPad mini, you don’t have to pay a cent more to install each app in each of your iDevices.

    You can export Pages & Numbers files as Word, Excel or PDF documents. You can open Word & Excel files in Pages & Numbers for iOS. If you really want to preserve the native formatting without converting file formats, pay $9.99 for Documents to Go which can handle Word & Excel formats natively within the app itself.

    Go f*** yourself Microsoft. You’re too late to the iOS world.

  2. I actually can’t wait 😀

    While apple’s iwork is ok, it seems old & doesn’t have enough features like MS office, plus iwork files are only usable on the iwork suite which is only for Mac so far…

    1. What would you expect MS Office for iOS to do that iWork for iOS can’t achieve in its present incarnation? You’re talking about a very simple interface with limited formatting options. You’re not going to be able to write War & Peace on the iOS version of Office. Well you might, if it doesn’t contain footnotes, indices, complex formulas, and other complex stylistic formatting marks.

      Manipulating formatting marks on an iPad is sub-optimal at best. So you’re going to use it to create relatively simple documents that can be polished up later in your Mac, if needs be, or making simple edits to documents sent to you so you can send it out again.

  3. OK my initial reaction is meh.

    But, Excel remains the only viable spreadsheet software out there. Numbers doesn’t cut it, and definitely not on the iPad.
    (simple example, cut and paste a spreadsheet from a web page, Numbers normally cannot figure out where to put the rows, it defaults to all in one cell or just uses the first column)

    I will be very interested in Excel. I have little use for Word or PowerPoint

  4. I use Office every day. I can’t get excited about it. It does what it is supposed to do.

    It does not let me access great things like politics and porn. That job is best left to Safari. See, Apple is good for something. Now, get those spreadsheets done. We have a 2pm meeting with the client.

  5. Very good.
    We have been waiting for this too long. I think this will give Apple iPads a huge boost especially in the enterprise. I actually feared that Microsoft would keep this for themselves now when they have their own tablet so this is good news.

  6. Apple should refuse the apps stating: Microsoft simply has no taste. All development would be wasted, and Ballmer T. Clown would go mad. Can’t wait to see.

    On the other hand Apple should put some more attention to iWork. It’s is ridiculous that such poor apps like Excel and Word are still ruling the Mac office software market instead of Pages and Numbers.

  7. And once again, MS has come back and denied that this is happening. Another huge PR fail by MS. I guess this will likely happen 3 or 4 more times.

    What a way to run a company.

    Frank Shaw is the head of MS PR:

  8. Brainless….MS, When it would have already made over a 5 million dollars but “Documents To Go” already does this but there are also allot of upset customers going to the Apple store and being told by the children that work thier that Pages and Numbers will allow you to edit ms documents in ios when this is clearly NOT TRUE as it seams to not convert everything

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