Major League Baseball brass shocked as 12% chose Apple’s Passbook over traditional tickets

“The traditional ticket stub accounted for less than a third of [Major League Baseball] single-game seats sold this past season, down from 55% in 2011, league executives say, as fans continue to embrace digital tickets delivered by email or text message,” Jeremy Olshan reports for MarketWatch. “That number should drop to less than 10% by next season with the help of apps like Apple’s new Passbook feature on the iPhone, they say, and in coming years paper tickets may be Cooperstown relics.”

Olshan reports, “In fact, Passbook – which allows tickets and loyalty cards from a variety of outlets to be delivered to one iPhone app – proved to be an instant hit with fans, Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB Advance Media, tells MarketWatch. In its test run with four teams for the final two weeks of the season, 1,500 e-ticket buyers (12%) chose Passbook delivery. ‘That adoption rate really floored us – there is no question our fans want digital tickets,’ Bowman says. ‘Fans can use the tickets, forward them to a friend, resell them, or even donate them to charity – and they never get lost or left at home.'”

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  1. A few days ago there was a post decrying Apple’s lack of innovation after Steve…. Yeah we’ll innovation doesn’t always floor you immediately…sometimes it takes a while for mass adoption…. When the hardware is spot on… Innovate through solutions to problems we didn’t know we had … Until Apple shows there is a better way …. This is but one… And it will be HUGE.

      1. What a great idea, though again I wonder how this would pass down through generations. At what point would the media not play. But for the here and now it’s a great gift!

    1. I have no sources to back this up at the moment but I’ve been reading many stories about how a dozen or so of the 32 NFL teams have adopted iPads as their primary playbooks as well as the source for studying film.

      The downside was illustrated when the Tampa Bay Bucs forgot to recharge their iPads… 🙂

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