‘iPhone 5 fever’ sweeps Hong Kong as stores sell out; China launch looms before year end

“Stores in Hong Kong remain sold out of Apple’s iPhone 5 as overwhelming demand continues,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “That’s expected to spread soon to mainland China, as carrier China Unicom is said to be gearing up for the iPhone 5 launch.”

“The details come from analyst Brian White with Topeka Capital Markets, who is currently touring the region,” Hughes reports. “He said all of the stores he has visited in Hong Kong were sold out of the iPhone 5, and described the city as having ‘iPhone 5 fever.'”

Hughes reports, “Meanwhile, China Unicom is said to have sold out completely of the iPhone 4S at some of its stores. That’s because the carrier is looking to ‘avoid an inventory situation ahead of the iPhone 5 launch’ in December, White said.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. In Hong Kong , in order to buy iphone 5 from Apple store., we need to apply in Apple website from 9am to 5pm . Nobody is allowed to buy iPhone 5 in Apple store unless Apple informs you by email after you won the lottery .

  2. This is not based on fact — HK Apple Store has not been selling iPhone 5 direct from its storefront since launch. Instead you need to enter into a lottery via its web site every day. No news is bad news, and you must re-enter every day until you get lucky…

  3. Raymond,

    don’t worry. I received my Iphone 5 almost a week ago. when you receive it it rally feels like you’ve won the lottery. I still feel that way.
    this phone is amazing! I LOVE it. I like most of my gadgets and have a fairly nice appreciation for my tv but there is only one gadget I love, the Iphone!

  4. ask Doug Kass, there’s no wow factor, too light, map problems,etc.
    android phones better, hey, Doug , why don’t you hitch a ride with
    Brian and bring along Munster to see what’s the iPhone 5 is about

  5. But I thought that no one would buy an iPhone 5 because Apple maps aren’t as good as Google Maps. However, iPhone sellouts are not helping Apple’s share price one bit.

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