Apple begins shipping Lightning to 30-Pin Adapters

“Apple has just begun notifying the first wave of customers who ordered the company’s new Lightning to 30-pin Adapter that their orders are now shipping,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“MacRumors has received word from several readers located in Australia that their orders are now in transit, with one reader’s shipping notification indicating that his shipment is due to be delivered on October 9,” Slivka reports.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Several MacDailyNews readers confirm the same date.

(Where are ours, Apple?!)


    1. I saw them at the Tacoma Mall store when I was there on Saturday. At least I thought I did.
      I bought two Lightning cables when I was there, and used Apple’s Store app to scan and pay for my items from my iPhone. It was pretty slick, but flawed in that it only lets your purchase one item at a time. I had to do two separate transactions.
      It felt a bit odd, just walking out of the store with the stuff I’d bought on my own phone.

      1. I’m sure you will get used to it. It’s no different than using self checkout terminals, other than nobody saw the transaction. They used to feel awkward, but now I prefer them.

        I’ve noticed some places that had self checkout (Walmart) no longer offer it though. Likely because of theft. Do they have self checkout in the USA?

        1. I do self checkout at grocery stores whenever I can (at places that have it). It at least *seems* faster, even though I admit that if there is no line with a regular checker, it probably isn’t faster.

          Yes, there are self-checkout at stores in the U.S. Sometimes I see it go away though. The Safeway (grocery store) that I usually go to has it, but the one I went to yesterday doesn’t.

          1. My local supermarket added self checkout less than a year ago, and I avoid it like the plague. Their implementation sucks. Always acting like it scanned OK, then asking for rescans. I am sure I have walked out with stuff I didn’t pay for. I always check my receipt for double scans though. 🙂 So I just use a cashier. Keeps someone employed.

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