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“A recent torrent of complaints has prompted Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue a public apology for the company’s new maps app in the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, which previously relied on Google Maps,” Janet Vertesi writes for CNN. “Addresses are not showing up correctly, public transit directions aren’t available, and the satellite views make it look as if the Brooklyn Bridge is bending into the Hudson River.”

“Unlike the naysayers, I was delighted to see the change,” Vertesi writes. “That’s because six months ago, I broke up with Google.”

Vertesi writes, “It’s not a decision I made lightly. I was in an intimate relationship with the company for years. Google knew what I watched on YouTube and which trains I caught into New York City for a night out. It facilitated collaborations with my colleagues and helped me navigate foreign cities. We had some good times together, Google and I. But over time, our relationship changed. Ads started to show up based on keywords that I had typed into the search engine or in my e-mail. In Google search, things I was looking for were now buried beneath “helpful” suggestions of things I wasn’t interested in in the slightest.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gk” for the heads up.]


      1. If you own a business, or work on the social media for a business, make sure your Yelp listing is up to date and accurate – this will ensure people fin you and your business card looks great in Apple Maps.

        You can also encourage other businesses to do the same 🙂

        1. Totally agree with that, the more I use it the better I like it despite my initial reservations. It needs development but then any software like this is going to have to adapt develop quickly. From what I have seen the satellite images have some glitches in places but are as good or better overall than Nokia maps from images I have seen. I criticised on the basis of the lack of detail yet again it is actually graphically better and easier on the eye than Nokia maps and the latter you have to fiddle with set up to include information displayed on Apple Maps apparent to prevent clutter. Anyone complained about that on Apple Maps?

          I do totally agree with the Yelp information. They need a kick up the the backside as I know some businesses around me that are no longer operating yet still listed. Though to be honest that is probably pretty consistent with most search alternatives as Yelp seems to power most public Business search in the UK.

    1. I have yet to experience any of the problems widely reported by the media. OTOH, Maps loads so much faster, I use it more than I used to. 3D is great, and I really like turn by turn. Tell me again why Google didn’t include that feature in Google Maos for iOS.

    2. Agree. Emailed my bros address to my icloud email. Clicked hyperlink. Asked me from where I wanted to navigate to the destination. Clicked current location. (Dallas) to Raleigh NC. Route was created almost instantaneously on my iPad and app was immediately giving directions. Much quicker than setting up my Tom Tom GPS. Further testing later this AM after I arrive Charlotte and drive to Raleigh. In the ed this app is going to blow the competition out of the water. iPad mini will give you a 7+ inch nav device for less than a dedicated Nav GPS device with all the extras.

  1. It’s definitely getting better already. In the last few days my searches have been accurate. When it debuted they had my house in the wrong place. Now it’s in the right place and can tell which room I’m in.

      1. Google, though, was moving toward a place where it would know not only where you were located, but also what you would think and do next, and had ads waiting for you. Google = Minority Report

  2. The story reads like a TV Guide soap opera summary.

    “She’d believed they had an intimate relationship, but when it was revealed for what it really was—an insidious trap—she rejected the cajoling and pleading, then stood there and emptied the revolver into the still-twitching body of the creature that had so cruelly betrayed her.”

  3. Today Maps helped me get from Birkenhead to Connah’s Quay and back here in Blighty, and it even warned me about the MoD firing range that we were heading towards.

    Plus, I was on my bike, using National Cycle Routes as well as roads. Maybe Tim has prioritised cyclists? 🙂

    1. In the UK, Apple has used the public information of the digitized Ordnance Maps, apparently some of the best, most complete digital map information in the world. Thank your government for such a foresighted use of tax money.

    2. Directions are great, and have worked well for me, but there are indeed honest issues with Maps. Although I do like the new look, it’s much harder to make out roads when outdoors in sunlight. That is especially apparent if you use it when cycling.

      The other surprising issue is that restaurants actually on University Ave in Palo Alto are showing up on University Ave in Los Altos, a residential section near downtown. Evidently they’re not giving any special treatment to towns where Steve Jobs most recently lived or grew up…

  4. Ev’rybody’s talking about
    Badism, Shitzism, Directionism, Mapism, 3-Dism, WrongAddressism
    This-ism, that-ism, is-m, is-m, is-m.

    All we are saying is give maps a chance
    All we are saying is give maps a chance

      1. It’s getting better all the time
        Some said that maps didn’t rule (And they did complain)
        The users who griped weren’t cool (Tim did try to explain)
        They’re looking around (Oh), turning around (Oh)
        Filling their tanks with their fuel.
        I’ve got to admit it’s getting better (Better)
        A little better all the time (It can’t get more worse)
        I have to admit it’s getting better (Better)
        It’s getting better since maps been mine
        Getting so much better over time…

        You’re welcome, and it’s Yoko : )

  5. I wasn’t going to upgrade my iPad because I didn’t want to lose street view but now I can find it on Google’s web site. So I have upgraded and I find Apple’s map app works fine for me. Street view on Google’s site is the only thing I use Google for.

  6. Apple Maps work fine for me. Today I used it on a 45 min drive along with my 5″ updated garmin 1490LTM and worked great. On the way home I searched garmin for a restaurant I knew was close and it couldn’t find it. I asked siri for directions to it and it picked it up and started the route. So I haven’t seen any problems with Apple maps yet, not sure what people are seeing. Probably all Android users just blowing smoke. I did hear Minneapolis was horrible from a coworker so that might be a place that needs work. I’m in western PA and works great for me so far.

  7. I never used Google maps in the first place. I love Apple’s maps. I’m in Baltimore, and it takes me right to the door of every customers house & business I have to go too.

  8. I tried using Apple maps to find someone who could make me happy in life and perhaps be my life partner and it did not work so it must suck. Really people if your device is so obviously wrong – use yer senses… course I never said mine were particularly good though…

  9. Well I hope the maps do better than the stock today. It’s dropping like a rock overnight. Broke through the 50 day average of $650. Look out below. I sure hope those buy-and-hold AAPL investors took some profits so they have money on the sidelines to buy back in at these lower prices. Remember it’s only a profit on paper until you sell it. I sure hope you sold some. Because you’re about to get a fantastic buying opportunity to make a lot more money than if you held through this. Be patient, it’s going down for a while. Always take profit. It’s why you invest.

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