U.S. House Intelligence Committee: China’s Huawei, ZTE should be banned in U.S.

“China’s top telecoms gear makers should be shut out of the U.S. market as potential Chinese state influence on them poses a security threat, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee said in a draft of a report to be released on Monday,” Jim Wolf and Lee Chyen Yee report for Reuters.

“U.S. intelligence must stay focused on efforts by Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and ZTE Corp to expand in the United States, and tell the private sector as much as possible about the purported espionage threat, the panel leaders said, based on their 11-month investigation of the two firms,” Wolf and Lee report. “Employee-owned and unlisted Huawei is the world’s second-biggest maker of routers, switches and telecoms equipment by revenue after Sweden’s Ericsson. ZTE ranks fifth. In the global mobile phone sector, ZTE is fourth and Huawei sixth… In the U.S. handsets market where Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics dominate, ZTE ranks sixth and Huawei eighth, according to industry figures.”

Wolf and Lee report, “The U.S. panel’s draft report faulted both Huawei and ZTE for failing to satisfy its requests for documents, including detailed information about formal relationships or regulatory interaction with Chinese authorities. U.S. companies thinking about buying from Huawei should ‘find another vendor if you care about your intellectual property; if you care about your consumers’ privacy and you care about the national security of the United States of America,’ panel chairman Mike Rogers [R, MI-08] said in comments broadcast late on Sunday on the CBS News program ’60 Minutes.’ Rogers and the committee’s top Democrat, C.A. Ruppersberger [D, MD-02], have scheduled a 10 a.m. Eastern time (1400 GMT) news conference to release the final, unclassified version of their report.”

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        1. Unfortunately, Gary has been trolling this site since Samsung lost to Apple, looks as if being a Troll is all he has left.

          Just treat all his post as Analog Static in a Digital World.

          Got to love all of us “iSheep”. Baa….Baa, We really get under the hater’s skins don’t we.

  1. ‘U.S. House Intelligence Committee: China’s Huawei, ZTE should be ban in U.S.’

    How about ‘banned in the US?

    Are there no good editors? Did the Chinese write it?

    1. And having looked at the original article at Reuters, I can see that this is quite likely MDN’s version of a joke, since the original article’s headline has the word “banned” (past tense).

  2. “Should be Banned in US” NOT “Should Be Ban in US”.

    Sounds like the same language challenged peeps who say Democrat Party instead of Democratic Party. It’s not the Republic Party, either.

    Must be the home schooled.

    1. Pathetic moron remark…
      A few home-schooled individuals in history.

      ·  Thomas Jefferson
      ·  Abraham Lincoln
      ·  James Madison
      ·  Franklin Delano Roosevelt
      ·  George Washington
      ·  Woodrow Wilson

      ·  Winston Churchill
      ·  Benjamin Franklin
      ·  Alexander Hamilton

      Military Leaders
      ·  Stonewall Jackson
      ·  John Paul Jones
      ·  Robert E. Lee
      ·  Douglas MacArthur

      ·  George Washington Carver
      ·  Albert Einstein
      ·  Michael Faraday
      ·  Blaise Pascal

      ·  Alexander Graham Bell
      ·  Thomas Edison
      ·  Benjamin Franklin
      ·  Orville and Wilbur Wright

      ·  Irving Berlin
      ·  Felix Mendelssohn
      ·  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
      ·  John Philip Sousa

      ·  Hans Christian Anderson
      ·  Margaret Atwood
      ·  William F. Buckley, Jr.
      ·  Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
      ·  Charles Dickens
      ·  C.S. Lewis
      ·  Walt Whitman
      ·  Laura Ingalls Wilder

      Performing Artists
      ·  Louis Armstrong – king of jazz
      ·  Charlie Chaplin – actor
      ·  Yehudi Menuhin – child prodigy violinist
      ·  LeAnne Rimes – teen-prodigy country music singer

      Business Entrepreneurs
      ·  Andrew Carnegie
      ·  Ray Kroc – founder of McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain
      ·  Joseph Pulitzer – newspaper publisher; established Pulitzer Prize
      ·  Colonel Harland Sanders – started Kentucky Fried Chicken
      ·  Dave Thomas – founder of the Wendy’s restaurant chain
      ·  Ansel Adams – Photographer
      ·  John James Audubon – ornithologist and artist
      ·  Clara Barton – Started the Red Cross
      ·  Elizabeth Blackwell – first woman in the U.S. to receive a medical degree
      ·  Davy Crockett – frontiersman
      ·  Eric Hoffer – social philosopher
      ·  Sam Houston – lawyer; first president of the Republic of Texas
      ·  Margaret Mead – cultural anthropologist
      ·  John Stuart Mill – Free-market Economist
      ·  Florence Nightingale – Nurse
      ·  Thomas Paine
      ·  Will Rogers
      ·  Bertrand Russell
      ·  Jim Ryan – World Runner
      ·  Albert Schweitzer
      ·  Sir Ernest Shackleton

      1. The Problem is not home schooling- it’s who is doing the home schooling.
        A prime example would be the BS science courses favored by teabaggers that teach a 6,000 year old earth where T-Rex and Adam and Eve were all throwing down prior to the talking snake conning them into taking a bite from the Apple. It also teaches that evolution is unproven and not widely accepted among academics.

        BTW- FDR went to Groton, among other incorrect attributions you listed.

        1. “- it’s who is doing the home schooling.”
          I see. But the words “home-schooling” are irrelevant, in the sense that such people incessantly strive to have more influence in the general school system, that many children go to religious schools and even if the child is going to a reality based school, the family and the church will have dominating influence.
          Personally, I subscribe to another set of teachings. We also have a book that we know is the truth, so we’re equal with the Christians on that one. I speak, of course, of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which having existed in secrecy for hundreds of years, has only recently came into the mainstream.

          1. There is a whole industry that has sprung up to facilitate know-nothings to pollute the minds of their kids with BS to fit the sky god of their choosing, so home schooling carries a lot of extra baggage these days.

            Many of those you listed were home schooled by well educated people who had an agenda to enlighten with truth- not myth.

            1. Indeed. We’re both really talking about the same thing. I’m just quibbling with singling out the tool of home-schooling. Home-schooling is just a tool/medium – and only one of several. We, as you may have guessed, home-school our son. and I’m totally with you on WHAT people such as those I listed were home-schooled in (those that were home-schooled… sheesh! Check sources, Seamus.)
              I wonder if the fundamentalist types also believe the sun is the center of solar system (the lover of the myth slow-broiled plenty of people over that one) and that pi equals 3 (as stated in the bible). Of course, don’t get me started on the license from god for rape, genocide, slavery and much more.

        2. So evolution vs creationism makes someone wholly ignorant in all areas? What a load of pure liberal crap. So if someone is indoctrinated into the public school system and learns evolution against their parents wishes that’s awesome, forget that they can’t handle basic stuff like.. Oh reading and writing and math…

          Seriously the public school system in America is a disgrace that costs far too much, run by corrupt democratic unions, cares nothing for actual students learning and keeping up with the rest of the civilized world. In Califirnia it’s so bad they can’t even get rid of pediphiles who molest children because the corrupt and disgraceful teachers union is so mindless, hateful and contortions of children and so powerful that they block laws to protect children if one child preditor might lose their job.

          In the scheme of things, learning some stories from the bible is a minor issue. There’s a lot of valuable moral lessons in that book. Perhaps if you weren’t so bigoted and actually read more the first few sentences you’d learn something.

          1. You mean like talking snakes, instructions to stone insolent children to death publicly, not mixing threads of different types in a garment, depictions of time and solar tracking being suspended for a local battle?

            How can teaching lies to a child be an education?

  3. In China, copyrights and intellectual property DO NOT matter. Major state run and government funded companies are running off of ripped-off software systems and soft. infrastructure from American and European companies. The Chinese Gov’t doesn’t give a shit about it. The Chinese gov’t also sponsors computer science colleges and universities that are directly responsible for cyber attacks on the U.S. gov’t and major Fortune 500 companies. Why would ANYONE be stupid enough to buy from ZTE, etc.? I’m glad at least that these reports seem somewhat bi-partisan…at least our politicians can agree on this.

  4. So, how much do you think, the Chinese government trusts US network manufactures, Cisco, HP, etc.?

    I believe this is an important issue, we need to use trust worthy manufacturers (national) for our government and corporate internet infrastructure. However, it must be done humbly and without causing insult or injury.

  5. Interesting info from LinkedIn on one of Huawei’s employees, who I know hails from Chengdu, Sichuan Province:

    SXW’s Experience

    Senior Architect/Principal Engineer
    Privately Held; 10,001+ employees; Telecommunications industry
    June 2011 – Present (1 year 5 months)

    Engineer Manager
    Cisco Systems
    Public Company; 10,001+ employees; CSCO; Computer Networking industry
    October 1997 – June 2011 (13 years 9 months)

    Member of Technical Staff
    Ardent Communications
    October 1996 – October 1997 (1 year 1 month)

    Member of Technical Staff
    Centillion Networks
    October 1993 – October 1996 (3 years 1 month)

    SXW’s Education

    Purdue University
    Ph.D, School of Electrical Engineering

  6. Well.
    I agree somewhat with this report because I don’t trust almost anything that comes out of China, economic numbers, company financials, news reports etc. But this can have really large consequences. And just imagine if China banned US equipment on these grounds. Everyone would cry and say that China did this because they want to benefit Cinese manufacturers or something. Although I don’t trust them this can be seen as really harsh, unfair and US paranoia. China banning Cisco. How would that look? For all any one knows US could be implanting spy doors in Cisco router and send to China. Of course I don’t think US does that and Cosco would never allow it but how knows. Comes down to who u trust.

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