Five key iPad mini features that will define Tim Cook’s Apple

“The launch of the iPad Mini is a key moment in the corporate history of Apple,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “More than the iterative iPhone 5, the smaller form factor of the likely 7.85 inch tablet is the first new product line to be helmed fully by CEO Tim Cook. This is the moment where Cook will step out of the shadow of Steve Jobs to show what a Cook’ed Apple will look like.”

MacDailyNews Note: There’s no proof that Jobs did not have significant input into the iPad mini. Apple’s product development time is measured in years, not months.

“There are five key areas around the launch of the iPad Mini which will give a good indication of Apple’s future direction,” Spence writes. “What stats has Cook rolled under allure, aggression, acknowledgement, agility, and affection, and why are they important?”

• Allure: Tim Cook’s Distortion Field
• Aggression: Pricing Will Determine Cook’s Strategy
• Acknowledgement: Maps Wasn’t Apple’s Finest Hour
• Agility: Everybody Look Under Your Seats
• Affection: Is Apple’s New Focus On Flair Or Figures?

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  1. MDN is on point: products get finalized like half year before going on sale, and those in development for at least year before that.

    So surely Jobs personally participated in iPad mini project and possibly already had some prototypes before his death.

    Also, some products like iPhone and iPad were in the works for five-seven years, so this Ewan Spence from Forbes is incredibly ignorant.

    1. By the way, court documents showed that Jobs was becoming more positive about iPad mini already by very late of 2010. So this was probably the point when Apple started to do some real design of the device.

      1. Considering the time terms, Jobs’ direct input is not only with iPad mini, but also with Retina Macbook Pro, future iMac, Mac Pro, and possible iTV (or however it might be called).

        1. Yes we know that IPad mini prototypes existed in Jobs time the only matter of uncertainty is whether it was given the go ahead before he left the company. Personally I would have liked to have seen this launched at least 6 month ago, delay may have opened the door for Android tablets to establish a decent foothold in this segment.

    2. Here is what we can document for sure:

      1- Amazon launched the Kindle fire before Jobs died and it was immediately referred to as an iPod killer. (Its existence had been rumored much earlier.)

      2- Jobs was still talking to Tim Cook about Apple’s future plans the day before he died (Oct. 4). A CEO from another business was in Cook’s office that day when Jobs called him.  Cook excused himself and said something like “my boss wants to talk about our next product.”,2817,2394927,00.asp

    1. Please enlighten us, botvinnik…is there any media outlet that produces products you deem worthy of purchase? You diss the NYT. Same with the WSJ. One would suspect that botvinnik is the only trusted source of data for botvinnik.

      What makes you a credible judge of media, anyway?

  2. I, like the author, believe Cook is behind the mini. I expect the mini was approved as a counter to the threat of the plethora of 7 inches launched by the competition. Steve was not aware of the popularity of these devices over the last year and the threat to Apples domination of the mobile arena. To design and implement the 7 inch iteration would be quick and easy for Ive and a piece of cake for Cook’s manufacturing chops. I loved Steve too, but I think the mini will be Cook’s recipe and the rest of Apple’s fine cadre of capable leaders. Just my opinion.

        1. Agreed..

          3I3c7ro is freaked because he’s the #1 “ain’t gonna happen” guy for the iPad mini. He’s apparently completely positive that it’s not gonna happen, still holding onto Steve’s discussion about 7″ tablets with sweaty clingy hands.

      1. I work in a school system where I move from classroom to classroom 7 times a day collecting observation data. The regular iPad is too large and heavy to be practical.

        the 7.85 size will be a great help. Will buy one the first day.

        As long as Apple produces a good product at a good price so that it is profitable for them and the price matches the value for rme, why does anyone’s opinion that it shouldn’t be done count for anything?

    1. Maybe so. But while many cite Steve Jobs’ quote against the smaller tablet size, remember how he said it: “… These are among the reasons that the current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA…”

      Sounds to me like Steve never ruled out a future crop of smaller tablets.

      1. I believe SJ’s comments on 7 inch tablets applied BEFORE the Retina Display resolution was perfected.

        I do think he would approve of a 7″ with Retina Display. Just my guess because with good eyes you can see as much as the 1st gen iPad.

      2. Even in recent weeks stories have circulated about Jobs being positive about an iPad mini.  One of Tim Cook’s lieutenants said this, though I don’t recall which one.  I’m sure MDN ran the story.

      3. Two points, DMac:

        1- Jobs made those remarks before Amazon started selling Kindles and Kindle Fires and other companies had products in the pipeline.  In the late fall and early spring last year, I believe about 75 different tablets were either being sold, designed or planned. (Maybe more.)

        2- Jobs said some of the same things about never producing a tablet shortly before Apple launched the iPad.  He NEVER telegraphed his next punch. So stop quoting him as though he would never deceive you.  Sheesh!

  3. MDN there is no proof that Jobs did not have input because there is no proof that an iPad mini exists.
    Is this how things now become fact, we talk about rumors to the point that they become fact.
    I’m glad we are not discussing Bigfoot everyday.

        1. Bigfoot was indeed sighted in Idaho but was carrying a new new iPad (iPad4). It was his kids that were sporting the iPad Mini and Mum Bigfoot was carrying a newly bought 32-core MacPro.

    1. Agreed. I have a mount for the iPad in my car and using Apple Maps is simply fantastic.

      Just last week a lady asked while at the gas station where I got the “really big GPS” for my car.

      I explained what it was and that hopefully Apple would be coming out with a form factor that would suit the car better (as the iPad does look a bit enormous on the dashboard of a Honda civic and covers the air controls).

      1. There’s been occasional statements made in the press by various Automakers “talking” with Apple.

        Of course, there’s also been some ‘concept car’ photos that offer clues too. Here’s the interior of the 2013 Mercedes A Class…and do note that that’s not a 10″ iPad:


  4. I’m going to guess that Jobs okayed this which means it has his name all over it. Besides, it’s just a smaller iPad it’s not like it’s something revolutionary. I think that Steve Jobs was wrong when he said that a 7 inch tablet computer would not work for Apple. It seemed like a no-brainer to me and most people that it was a good idea. Just think what could have happened if they had brought out both iPads at the same time. It would have destroyed any future competition for a number of years. I believe it was a real mistake. He didn’t make many mistakes but that was a big one. And it wasn’t that it was not possible technically because the competition has had smaller tablets since that time. That mistake and the mistake of allowing AT&T exclusivity with the original iPhone has allowed the competition to be as strong as they are today. But I’m sure that Tim Cook will ensure that this thing gets to market it as good as anyone could possibly manage. I think it will sell like hotcakes! Even better than the original iPads.

    1. What makes you think that there are any good 7″ tablets out there, taking Apple’s lunch money.

      A good 7.85″ Apple iPad, a smaller clone of the third iPad, will end the 7″ iPad competition.


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