5 incredible Apple products designed by Steve Jobs that we still haven’t seen

“The visionary co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, may have been dead for a year today, but the fruits of his incredible imagination, indefatigable quest for perfection and keen design eye are still ripening and shaking from the tree of the company that he created,” John Brownlee writes for Cult of Mac.

“The recently released iPhone 5 and new Lightning Connectors were approved by him before he died, the upcoming iPad mini was greenlit personally by Steve, and Apple’s upcoming roadmap for the next couple of years will probably be filled with projects that he personally oversaw,” Brownlee writes. “Some of Steve Jobs’s last unrealized products loom larger than others, though. Here are the five incredible products from Steve Jobs that we still haven’t seen.”

• iPad mini
• iCar
• Spaceship Campus
• iYacht
• iTV

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. On the subject o he spaceship campus, someone needs to be building a watchtower right next door. For $10 you ride to the top and see the campus in all it’s glory, superimposed on all of Silicon Valley with San Fran as backdrop.

  2. the upcoming iPad mini was greenlit personally by Steve blahblahblah <- Meanwhile, Steve Jobs famously stated exactly the opposite and meant it, despite vacuous rumor mongering to the contrary. There remains not an iota of evidence that Apple is making any iPad 'Mini'. Neither is there an iota of evidence that there is any profit to be made in the Google and Amazon subsidized 7" WhateverPad 'market'.

    It's amazing what bullshit passes for technology journalism these days. I wanted this article to be satire, but it's not. John Brownlee who writes for Cult of Mac appears to think he's actually making sense, a stark reminder of why I never bother with their website.

    We live in what I call 'The Age of Marketing' where nothing we are told can be trusted as fact. Propaganda and incoherent rumor mongering rule. We are their little peon sheeple serfs. No wonder the human world is in self-destructive FAIL mode. 😛

    1. I for one believe in the mini. It is designed for the k-3 education where weight and size are make a difference. It would also be very usable in the retail environment for processing payments. Handier/lighter than iPad. More usable than iPod. Maybe part of an Apple payments ecosystem. Too much evidence to deny its existence. I have two iPads and will likely buy the mini to replace my gen 2 Ipod touch. A handy Nav nav device and not so conspicuous when recording my son’s ball games and for some picture taking. Have no interest in copy cat products with stolen IP.

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