Mark Zuckerberg praises Steve Jobs and Apple after reaching 1 billion Facebook users

“Facebook hit 1 billion users earlier today, and Mark Zuckerberg has been making the rounds with the press to celebrate the milestone,” Alex Heath reports for Cult of Mac. “While speaking with NBC’s Matt Lauer, Zuckerberg talked briefly about Steve Jobs and Apple’s influence on Facebook as a company.”

“When asked about Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg mentioned how his company and Apple share a respect for user experience,” Heath reports. “‘He [Steve Jobs] was just so focused,’ said Zuckerberg. ‘For him, the user experience was the only thing that mattered.'”

Watch the interview in the full article here.

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    1. The dude gave props to Jobs which was classy. Has he done some ruthless things in business? Sure. So did Jobs.

      He’s no moron, he’s no angel.

      Facebook does a good job at its primary function: social media.

      I think Facebook will turn out to be a better and more important ally to Apple going forward than Google ever was.

      1. Sure. Zuckerman is Smart enough to compliment Steve jobs. And you are correct both are ruthless. But Zuckerberg wouldn’t make a pimple on Steve Jobs ass as far as ability to lead. And under Zuckerberg Facebook will always be treacherous. You will never be able to trust your information with Facebook. It just won’t happen. I do believe that eventually Facebook can have a viable safer competitor come along. I certainly hope so. I know I have nothing to do with Facebook. And I seem to survive without it. But don’t ever try to take away my iPad, iPhone, iPods, iMac, MacBook pros, or Mac Pro’s. Because I will cut your arms off!

        1. Jobs was a bit of an impetuous little twerp at one time, too. It took expulsion from Paradise, years wandering in the wilderness, and a Second Coming to make him into the man we remember. Don’t count out Zuckerberg yet.

  1. “his company and Apple share a respect for user experience”

    Huh? Sorry but Facebook has one of the ugliest page layouts on the web.

    @ twilightmoon – All he said was that he thought his company has the same commitment to quality as Apple.

  2. User experience… Really! Facebook changes the user experience every other month forcing user to learn something new. There is no choice to keep the old user experience. Most of the time the “improved” user experience requires adding more details about yourself and your family connections. No secret why they want that. This guy is such a douche. Yes, I said douche.

  3. While Facebook is by far the greatest world-uniting service ever created, the user experience could be massively improved by not forcing us users to jump through hoops to maintain our privacy.

  4. I spose we’ll have to wait until FB has more members than there are humans before people will understand how meaningless their ‘membership’ numbers are.

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