iPhone 5 destroys Samsung Galaxy S3 in crash tests (with video)

“The iPhone 5 is an especially resilient phone and the Galaxy S3 breaks without a lot of provocation,” Larry Seltzer reports for BYTE.

“SquareTrade.com sells extended warrantees for electronic devices, covering the sorts of accidents we see portrayed in these videos,” Seltzer report. “”

Seltzer report, “They do one simple drop test on pavement from what seems like about 3 1/2 feet. The iPhone 5, as with the other tests, gets some scratches in the edge of the casing, but keeps on working. The Galaxy S3 screen gets all smashed up.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Fragmandroid, indeed.


    1. These are the people who insure smartphones. What pony do they have in the game? They’d like to depict, falsely, all devices failing so that people would insure them. Falsely, because they’d like to not have to pay any real claims.

      So, if anything, they’d be biased into making both the SGS3 and the iP5 fail.

  1. The story heading is a little misleading in using the word “crash” as one normally thinks of software crashes. Don’t forget that all important “I dropped my phone in toilet” test.

  2. I do not doubt the Sammy is not nearly as robust as the iPhone, but the tests are seriously flawed.

    In the drop test, the Sammy hit face down and the iPhone on the edge.

    In the beer bottle drop test, the Sammy was hit in the screen by the bottpm of the bottle, while the iPhone was hit across the screen by the edge of the bottle.

    1. Yes, the test is obviously biased both in fall test and bottle test.

      There was more fair test and iPhone 5 won anyway by a far margin, so this test actually makes a disservice to Apple and its device.

    2. There is a reason the iPhone lands on the edge. It is heavier toward the bottom.

      But I agree the bottle was a bit unfair to the Sammy because the bottom edge of the bottle struck the screen.

    3. Landing on it’s edge as apposed to the face is a feature. It has to do with how the phone is weighted. The Samsung phone tends to land on it’s face, the iPhone tends to land on it’s edge.

  3. Samsung should be ashamed of themselves, but since they obviously have no honor or respect and continue to blatantly copy every other company in existence nothing surprises me here. LoL

  4. tomL is right. tests are flawed. Beer bottle corner did not hit iPhone as on Sam cell etc.

    but still, what do you expect from plastic crapware & a manufacturing process that is nothing close to Apple’s perfection, seamlessness, glue, quality materials, quality control etc.

    you buy what you pay for.
    be cheap, get cheap.

  5. To be fair to Samsung, when they dropped the phone it landed right on its face, the iphone hit on the edge. Similarly, when the bottle hit it, the edge of the base and side hit the screen whilst on the iphone it was just the side of the bottle. The impacts applied are not remotely the same. I’ve no love for Samsung at all, but these are flawed.

  6. From experience I can tell you do not drop your iPhone 5 in the toilet – even for 2 seconds. Luckily none got in the headphone jack. After shaking it out it had some difficulty connecting to ATT. !0 minutes in the oven at 150 degrees fixed that issue. I followed that with a successful trip to the Apple store to buy Applecare.

  7. I wish Apple would offer a third model option: a black iPhone 5 with the stainless steel edge band (like on the whote model) instead of the black anodized edge band.

    Scuffing problems solved!

  8. I can attest to the water test on iPhones. I had an iPhone 4 that fell into the toilet and was on its way to the sewage plant. It was rescued JUST before going out of reach. Quick use of canned air and dry packs in a ziplock bag and it is no worse for the wear. In fact, it continues to function flawlessly as my wife uses it after I upgraded to a 4s!

    1. HOW do people manage to drop their phone into the toilet, just…HOW?? I realize (as a female) that guys tend to keep theirs in the pocket of their pants but still.

      I really hope it was flushed before the drop…! The thought of using a phone that has been in the toilet is icky enough as it is. You’re lucky your wife isn’t as picky as I am, lol.

  9. Interesting.
    How ever, the “around the house” test is much more interesting. The Galaxy still loses but in the first test the Galaxy hit the ground with the screen first. The iPhone 5 hit the ground on the side. That’s not a fair test. How ever. As we can see in the following test with the bottle, which fair, the Galaxy’s screen seems to break much more easily.

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