Watch out for ‘200 new features’ on the Apple’s iPad mini

“September was the month of the ‘new smartphones’ with HTC, Nokia, Apple, and Samsung all debuting handsets, and the pace is set to continue into October as these devices become available in the market and Microsoft finally reveal Windows Phone 8 to the public,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes.

“And there’s a small matter of the iPad Mini, which is going to keep everyone on their toes trying to second guess Apple’s CEO Tim Cook,” Spence writes. “Given the majority of the media nailed the iPhone 5 details before Cook took to the stage, will Apple be able to keep the iPad Mini details under wraps?”

Spence writes, “Leaks aside, like a good game of buzzword bingo there are certain things I’m expecting to see at the launch. One of those is the continued use of Apple’s favorite approach to features. No matter that the iPad Mini is a brand new device, it has iOS 6 and can be compared to the previous hardware. Apple will show us why the new iPad is ‘the most advanced iPad Apple has ever produced’ with ’200 new features thanks to iOS 6′. Perhaps not with those exact words, but close enough. Why is this important? It’s all about the marketing of the device.”

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  1. Dear MDN:
    When are you going to update your shitty, broken app? Just about everything is broken on it, from sloppy rotation to left column redraw fail to the continuous rotating thingy that sez you’re always connected to the server or whatever. You’ve had plenty of time to fix it. Get off your fat asses and get to work.
    Thank you.

    1. Seriously. Never got the raging hardon analysts have in predicting this. All I can think is since Apple made a mini iPod, and a mini Mac, that it is only a matter of time before they make a mini iPad.

      Apparently, Apples R&D don’t know what they are doing, and iPads must shrink to 6″ while iPhones simply must grow to 6″…. There’s something psychological at work.

    1. Wrong. It’s already been established that Jobs was beginning to reconsider a mini iPad before he died. Moreover, his death occurred at the very start of the tablet industry- were he still alive he would see how much it’s already changing as it matures. By the end of the decade it’ll be completely different, and Jobs would have been in front of the evolution, not behind it.

      1. Furthermore, the iPad *IS* the defacto market leader. Apple *IS* in front of the evolution. The iPad mini is a response to the low cost 7″ devices out there. I personally don’t think Jobs would have gone there, much like they never chose to enter the low end netbook market.

  2. If there were to be no iPad mini, Apple would have leaked that fact to the usual suspects months ago to keep expectations down. So if in fact there is no mini, Apple will have completely lost it on the PR front.

  3. If you see history, there were some big no-no’s in Steve Jobs’s vision, which when the time and technology was right, he just went for it.


    Perhaps the most notorious one was video on the iPod. His position was the iPod wasa music device, the screen was too small for video. So time later, lo and behold, he launched the iPod video. And he himself praised it.

    The phone was another one. He said he didn’t get into the phone business because of the carrier’s control, and Apple wasn’t interested in that business. Some years later, the iPhone changed the way the phone works.

    The other one was the tablet. He saw no future on tablet computing. About 5 years after bashing tablets -not sure about the timing- he launched the iPad and changed the way we do computing.

    So, it’s not that Steve Jobs was agains determined technology. He was against doing it wrong. Once he found a way to do it right, he was all for it. I’d say that will be the case with the iPad Mini. If done right, it will be a slam dunk. And a product worth of Steve’s praise.

    So, let’s no be so blind to assure that it won’t happen because Steve said so. I has not happened so far because the way it is right now was not at Steve’s expectation levels.

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