iOS 6 adoption already at 60% for iPhone, 41% for iPad

“Adoption of Apple’s iOS 6 continues to trend upwards, with touch-friendly website conversion provider Onswipe seeing more users flocking to the newly-released platform, despite its apparent shortcomings,” Darrell Etherington reports for Tech Crunch.

“Based on a sample of 100,000 users coming through Onswipe’s partner sites Friday morning, the company is seeing 59.43% of iPhone traffic from iOS 6 devices, and 41.3% of iPad traffic coming from those who’ve upgraded to the latest version,” Etherington reports. “Compare that to numbers for iOS 5, which saw adoption numbers suggesting 38 percent of iPhones were on iOS 5 four full weeks after its release. That was an impressive enough adoption curve, especially compared to the competition, but the key difference between the two – iOS 6 being pushed as an over-the-air update where iOS 5 required plugging in physically to iTunes – seems to be making a big impact on the speed of installation.”

Etherington reports, “The speed with which Apple can get users onto a new platform is a huge selling factor for iOS in terms of attracting and keeping high-quality developers.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. I am part of the 59%. No plans as of yet to update any of my iPads. Will probably start out on my iPod and move on from there. Sorry to say, but right now maps is an issue for me.

    1. @ob1spyker. Do you mean you are part of the 59% that went to iOS6 on your iPhone, but not on your iPad because maps is an issue on your iPad but not your iPhone? Or… forget it. It is ironic that your post on the map app left me lost. LOL

      1. I also went to iOS6 on my phone, but not the iPad, because I use Maps more on the iPad due to the larger overview. And I wanted to compare the two by jumping back and forth. The result is that I will definitely wait for Maps improvements before upgrading the iPad.

      2. I’m not sure which part of his message was not clear. For the boys in the back row, let’s make it ultra, extra-clear:

        The guy has iPads. He is one of the 58% of iPad owners who did NOT upgrade. He apparently also has an iPod (presumably, touch), and plans on first upgrading there. His primary concern is the notorious map application. I can relate to that; the entire country of Serbia is a black hole in that app, and only contains major highways (and not a single street in ANY city). Needless to say, Google has every street in every city, town, village…

    2. Updated two 32GB WiFi iPads (new version). No issues at all. None. Apple Maps is *much* faster than Google Maps over WiFi (802.11n from 6Mbps ADSL connection). Apple just keeps on rockin’ for me.

  2. oooohhhh statistics – watch some monkey try to spin these numbers negative because it is only 60% adoption rate…

    how many jellybeans do you hear… what 60% of the android user base is stuck on 2.1… over 2 years old operating system. can you say sucks.

  3. iOS is geting complex. I have some apps that will not run on it. Others just crash unexpectedly. This happens a lot with OS X when there is a new version. Apple needs to take a step back….bullet proof iOS before it makes it an unreliable feature creature. I have heard from sources in the “Biz” that the 3GS on iOS 5 or older is bulletproof (software reliability-wise). And the newer phone models…not so much.

    just my $0.02

    1. As I stated above: Updated two 32GB WiFi iPads (new version). No issues at all. And I have tried lots of different apps (approximately 17GB of apps loaded on my iPad).

      It would be much more useful to people on this forum if you would provide specifics about problems. What apps have you encountered that do not work properly on iOS 6?

    2. Rubbish….. With well over 150 apps on my iOS devices, i’ve had zero instances of apps not running. Not saying there are none, but there is definitely no problem with iOS getting “too complex” as you suggest.

    3. This is not an Apple problem, it is a problem of App developers not updating the apps for the new OS. (Unless it is an Apple app, then Apple has no excuse)

      Faster user adoption of the new OS will force a quick update from the developers. (However, I leave it to others to be the early adopters of an OS update. I always wait until the the x.1 release myself).

      This is also why so many of the android apps suck. Still so many users on much older versions.

  4. I too have noticed a lot of app crashes with IOS 6
    And the apps started crashing after developers updated their apps for IOS 6 before they did no crashes on iOS 6 hmmmm

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