AMD deal brings 500,000 Android apps to some Windows 8 devices

“Some Windows 8 laptops and PCs could end up running more Android apps than ones written for Microsoft’s software. Gadgets built around chips made by AMD will come optimised to run the Android apps,” BBC News reports. “A collaboration between AMD and software firm Bluestacks lets the devices run the 500,000 apps more usually found on Android phones.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, upscaled phone-sized apps from the developers’ second- or after-thought platform. Sooo appealing!

“By contrast, Microsoft reportedly only has a few thousand apps written specifically for Windows 8 at launch,” The Beeb reports. “The Android apps will be available on Windows 8 devices via AMD’s AppZone player. Inside this is code from Bluestacks that acts as a wrapper around the mobile phone programs so they can run on desktops, laptops and tablets.”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft’s desperate to hide their raging case of AppLack™.

The Beeb reports, “AMD has made changes to the core code that runs its processors and graphics cards to ensure apps built for the small screens on mobile phones look good and run well on larger displays.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, okay.

The Beeb reports, “Some reports suggest that a month prior to the launch of Windows 8 there are only about 2,000 apps available for it in Microsoft’s Windows Store. Bluestacks’ Android-running software also works on Intel-powered devices, including Macs, but typically has to be installed after a gadget has been bought and booted up. Bluestacks is also talking to other PC makers to get its software installed as PCs are put together in a factory.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Kludgetastic.

We can’t wait to see the ads claiming “over 500,000” apps for certain Windows RT devices.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Judge Bork” and “David G.” for the heads up.]


    1. This is nothing but good news for Microsoft & Windows 8 … other than the single thing mentioned in one of the comments below that it will discourage app developers from working on new Windows 8 apps.

      Here’s how we know it’s good news: Win8 users can always NOT download the Android apps to their phones, in which case this announcement means nothing, zero.

      But if Win8 users DO download the Android apps, it means they are making a preferred move (from their own perspective).  This announcement provides OPTIONS. If a Win8 user wants a particular app, now it is more likely to be available.

      However, the advantage to Microsoft/Windows is at Samsung’s/Moto’s/HTC’s expense, not Apple’s.  It is a tiny net plus for Google — but not a big plus, because there is no way that Win8 will include APIs for Google search or maps.  And that’s the source of Google’s revenues & profits. 

      In short, Microsoft is sticking it to Google and the makers of Android phones.  I expect this development to cause some of them to make Win8 phones.

        1. Kinda. They are delivered as davlik byte code and then the JIT compiles them to native and throws the native version in the davlk cache on the device.

          The compilation happens during install or at app startup if there is no native build in the cache.

  1. If it is cost effective to port/host Android apps on Windows 8 few companies will invest in creating Windows-only applications and Windows 8 tablets might as well be Android tablets. OEMS will figure out pretty quickly that they might as well go Android and pay lower (no) OS licensing fees.

    Wow, serious setback for Microsoft if Android on Windows takes off.

    If Android apps on Windows tablets succeed, it will only be a matter of time before we see Android apps on Windows desktops. REALLY serious setback for Microsoft if that happens.

    Very interesting development.

    1. MDN and it’s followers just kill me. You all need professional help. Wow! Keep saying it…. Windows 8 Windows 8 as it will be your worst nightmare. Awesome OS, great from factor, great GUI, and Nokia’s quality build will take the 920 to the top of the heap in no time.

      1. … talking like someone might need even 50,000 apps. We have an iMac, a MacBook, a MacPro and an iPad and – together – don’t have 50 – no zeroes – apps. ALL together. So … half a million is too few?
        OK … there’s the security thing. That could be a problem. For MSFT.

      2. 920 at the top of the heap? Really? If you’re ballsy enough, please provide us with an update in 6 months. First, I’d love to see the (lackluster) adoption rate for Windows 8 and sales numbers for the “Surface” (how many non-nerds and non-techies do you suppose are aware of those upcoming MS releases?). Second, they said the same thing about the the last Windows phone knocking the iPhone outta the top spot (epic fail). Third, if you’re here often enough to give an honest assessment of MDN followers, then you, sir, are an MDN follower. How is it that Mac-related shenanigans deserve your superior Windows-managed time?

      3. Maybe, maybe not. So far, Windows is not doing very well in mobile. That could change. We will watch and time will tell. Right now, Apple rules.

        Your derision is ironic, considering that you sound like a fanboy for the dark side. Good luck with that, Darth.

  2. Will the security woes bother the desktop as well? If they write code for the phones without vetting, what will this spell for security? Both desktop and mobile running code written by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Could be trouble brewing.

    1. shouldn’t be an issue, the current bluestacks software is basically a sandbox which exposes the Android APIs so that an Android app can run on the desktop.

      It does not however integrate android apps with your desktop like your contacts etc.


  3. Too Bad we can’t do the same! I would love to have InkPad available to me on my iMac. It sure beats the Hell out of Illustrator in cost performance. Plus it just does what I want. Of course, the “Truck” isn’t as necessary as before. Just Saying… There are some Apps on the iPad I could use on the Desktop…

    1. I was waiting for someone to point that out. Lots of Mac users have asked for the capability to run iOS apps on OS X, but Apple has not responded.

      Who would have guessed that you would be able to run Android programs on Windows 8 before you could run iOS apps on OSX?

  4. Sorry, I can only deal with around 20 apps at a time.

    Now I’m waiting for some dork with a thingy in his ear to let me know that he has 532 apps on his phone.

    1. Well, this is Android only and only specific apps. They still have a long way to go… Besides, it is an Alpha version, not yet even Beta… I would go along if it were for iOS apps, but sadly enough… Not

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