Google, Samsung execs reportedly meeting to talk Apple

“The bosses of Google Inc. and Samsung Electronics reportedly are holding high-level talks in Korea this week, and there’s little doubt about the main topic of the conversation – Apple Inc.,” Dan Gallagher reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple won a court victory over Samsung in San Jose, Calif.last month,” Gallagher reports. “The federal court jury found the company infringed on some key Apple patents, and a awarded judgment of more than $1 billion. Sales injunctions are a distinct possibility.”

Gallagher reports, “Samsung is likely interested in how the huge portfolio of wireless patents that Google acquired when it bought Motorola Mobility last year can help its case, given that Apple’s main complaints are directed at the software that Google designed.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

“Why did you guys copy so slavishly?”

“I dunno, why’d you copy so slavishly?”


    1. It’s a war its not a boxing match. It’s business. And you can bet your ass that when Apple needs to they hit below the belt too. You just might not read about it here. Personally I hope that Apple is able to smack the GOOG and Samsung up side their fucking heads. Because together they can make things hard for Apple. And looking at today’s market, AAPL’S already got enough on their hands. It’s not how you win it’s did you win. Kick em in the balls Apple!

  1. It’s already been ruled. Google can’t transfer patents to Samsung to fight this battle. Infrinent has already been determined and this is none of Googles business, legally speaking.

  2. If Samsung is still fabricating the chip for apple, the discussion is probably:

    Can you copy the processor?

    Also, they are to ably discussing a way to create a disaster in the factories that are fabricating the chip.

    It is stupid for cook to continue the relationship with the scumbags.

  3. The name of the game is an unmentioned 4 letter word: TIME.

    The longer the competition is distracted and dissuaded from its best product performance, the better for Apple to secure, not just the iOS devices, but the ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM to give Apple a multi-year or decade long advantage over any company with enough guts and fortitude to compete in ALL devices.

  4. Google’s only reason for buying those Motorola patents were as a deterrent against anyone suing them. Apple’s been similarly gaining IP ammunition to use defensively since the 1970s, through acquisition for those times when their own patents don’t cover them (such as their combined Nortel IP purchase).

    Using Motorola patents and actually going on the offensive against any Silicon Valley giant would be very bad idea for Google, least of all Apple who are well-prepared and relishing the idea of them doing so.

  5. That’s right, U.S. innovation and ingenuity is what Apple is. Every American should support Apple, NOT Samsung. I’m Canadian and I stand beside my brothers in the U.S. on this matter.

  6. Kind of looks like when a parent has to meet with the principal about their child: “Now we understand that little Jimmy has been copying off of other students papers, but it’s not fair Mr. Principal to make them think of answers on their own!”

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