Foxconn: Taiyuan plant back online, riots will not affect shipments

“Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) has issued another statement related to the recent riots at its Taiyuan facility in China saying that production lines that were temporary halted to assist the investigation by local police on September 24, have already resumed operations on September 25,” Ninelu Tu and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“As for whether the disturbance will affect the company’s shipments for ‘the latest smartphone product,’ Foxconn said the facility is not responsible for any product assembly, and therefore there will not by any impact on product shipments,” Tu and Tsai report. “Foxconn said there were no deaths and all the injured are currently being carefully attended to.”

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  1. That’s good news for AAPL’S investors. But not much as the stock is dropping like a rock. 50 day moving average next? Let’s hope not. Need a positive story about AAPL. Some positive rumors even. iPad mini story? Anything to reverse the move.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about the stock price. I love my AAPL investments. The overall stock market has taken a dive the last 2 days. It isn’t just an AAPL thing.

      The stock will bounce back up. It always does. 😀

        1. It is indeed foolish to assume anything in investing. Life’s highway is littered with the wrecks of investors who thought that their stock would never fail. But you just can’t get that across to some people. They think if you hate their investment. They buy and hold forever until it explodes. Never taking profit along the way as wise investors note to do. They’ll brag about their investment until it’s all gone in one day. It has happened many, many times and will continue to happen forever. Investing 101.

        1. Because a down day does not mean it’s a down day for every body. Stocks are like people, they have their own personality. Sometimes they all march lockstep and sometimes they don’t. Vatdoro doesn’t yet understand this fact of investing.

      1. First of all, you should always worry about stock prices. Secondly, you never fall in love with a stock. No, not even AAPL. Third, yes we all understand the market has been down for two days. Fourth, never ever assume that a stock will “bounce back”. I do believe that there is a good chance it will rally however. But that’s not how you invest your money. Or at least you shouldn’t.

  2. Those darned rioters. To think they would delay delivery of our iPhones. And, hey, what the heck were they thinking about hurting APPL stockholders. Foxcomm and their security guys will take care of them. Slaves have no place disrupting our lives!

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