Riots break out at Foxconn factory in China

“Reports early Monday from China suggest that a mass disturbance or riots may have broken out at a Foxconn factory in the Chinese city of Taiyuan,” Ed Flanagan reports for NBC News.

“It is still unclear what exactly happened, but posts on China’s popular twitter-like service, Weibo, from users in the area show photographs and video of large numbers of police in and around the factory – many in riot gear – blocking off throngs of people,” Flanagan reports. “Other photos show debris strewn around the Foxconn compound and in one case, an overturned guard tower.”

Flanagan reports, “According to popular tech blog engadget, the disturbance kicked off after Foxconn security guards allegedly hit a worker around 10 p.m. on Sunday. Censors in China have reportedly already started deleting pictures from the scene.”

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“Foxconn Technology, a major supplier to some of the world’s electronics giants, including Apple, said that it had closed one of its large Chinese plants early Monday after police were called in to break up a fight among factory employees,” David Barboza and Keith Bradsher report for The New York Times.

“The company said several people were hospitalized and detained by the police after the disturbance, which occurred late Sunday, escalated into a riot,” Barboza and Bradsher report. “A Foxconn spokesman declined to specify whether the Taiyuan facility made products for the Apple iPhone 5, which went on sale last week, but he said that it supplied goods to many consumer electronics brands. Foxconn said it employed about 1.1 million workers in China.”

MacDailyNews Take: Good thing the spokesman didn’t say Apple products were assembled there or the NYTers would have had to change their pants.

Barboza and Bradsher report, “The same Taiyuan factory was the site of a brief strike during a pay dispute last March, Hong Kong media reported then. Social media postings suggested that some injuries might have occurred when people were trampled in crowds of protesters.”

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  1. How come the news articles always say: “a major supplier to some of the world’s electronics giants, including Apple.” But never say including:

    Acer Inc. (Taiwan) (United States)
    Apple Inc. (United States)
    Cisco (United States)
    Dell (United States)
    Hewlett-Packard (United States)
    Intel (United States)
    Microsoft (United States)
    Motorola Mobility (United States)
    Nintendo (Japan)
    Nokia (Finland)
    Sony (Japan)
    Toshiba (Japan)
    Vizio (United States)

    1. And a bit of profit taking today. Along with not as many iPhone fives sold over the weekend as some projected. But that’s just a numbers game and is not really that significant. The way sales are calculated can lead to some orders still in the pipeline not being counted. It’s a nice morning to pick up some more AAPL.

    1. I think its you. Every Office building in America has security. Even Apple stores have 2 or more security guards at the doors. A factory employing millions is going to need a lot more than 2 security guards and, YES, towers. Even CISCO has security enforcement with security buildings at the gates.

      Let me see if I can guess whats going on through your head now, “oh, thats right! We have the exact same security in the good ole US of A…..must be OK then”.

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