Skyhook Wireless files third lawsuit against Google over location-identification tech including Google Maps

“Google Inc., the world’s largest Internet search engine and maker of the Android operating system for mobile devices, was sued by Skyhook Wireless Inc. for infringing nine patents for global positioning detection,” Phil Milford reports for Bloomberg.

“The lawsuit targets location-identification technology including ‘Google Maps’ used by Google customers in products such as tablet computers, according to a complaint filed by Boston-based Skyhook yesterday in federal court in Delaware,” Milford reports. “Mountain View, California-based Google is using the inventions “without authority or license from Skyhook,” and should pay damages after a jury trial, according to court papers.”

Milford reports, “Skyhook also seeks an injunction against further infringement by Google.”

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  1. With all of the patent litigation going on, it is very difficult to judge what is legitimate and what is patent trolling and abuse. I am pro-Apple to the core (pun intended), but I am afraid that even Apple’s wins in court also have some negative impacts for the company in terms of public opinion. Now that Apple is big, it no longer receives the sympathy reserved for underdogs. When the big guys are aggressive, it is perceived as bullying.

    With respect to Skyhook location technology patents, I am somewhat concerned that Google might just be the tip of the iceberg. If Skyhook scores a win over Google, then might Apple be next? I support legitimate patents, but the whole system has been scrambled by software patents and such. I suppose that it will take a patent crisis to drive a cleanup and restructuring of the system.

    1. Unfortunately, if things go the way they typically do when the government attempts to “fix” a problem (and it’s bad enough when the problem is a “perceived” problem, but far worse when it’s a real problem like the patent mess), we’ll end up with something even worse that’s been rigged by the legal representatives of special interests.

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