Apple A6 die reveals 3-core GPU

“Our good friends at UBM TechInsights sent over the first diffusion images of Apple’s new A6 SoC,” Anand Lal Shimpi reports for AnandTech.

“It’s still too early to tell a lot but we have confirmation of a lot of things,” Lal Shimpi reports. “The image [see full article] shows two 32-bit LPDDR2 memory channels and three GPU cores.”

Lal Shimpi reports, “We’re likely looking at a PowerVR SGX 543MP3 running at 266MHz.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Whatever. Samsung will be counter-attacking early next year with an over-clocked Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon inside the Galaxy S4. CPU and GPU specs will only continue to rise and outpace battery technology. Samsung has no choice but to put an even bigger display on the Galaxy S4 in order to pack in a higher capacity batter. I’m sure the quad-core will definitely outperform Apple’s custom A6 because Samsung will make sure it does to reclaim the most powerful processor in a smartphone crown. Whatever CPU Apple can design, some Android vendor will build a faster smartphone by using whatever the most powerful chip is available at the time.

    1. There are phones out there now with quad-core processors, but this is not just a hardware game. Android is such a bloated overwrought piece of crap that anything less than bleeding edge tech can only barely run it.

    2. Typical Fandroid response. The only thing that counts is what’s out NOW, not what will be out in a few months, and right now the iPhone 5 is a screamer.

      The only reason Samsung is sinking so much energy into Big Ass Phones anyway is because they can’t compete with the iPad after so many failed attempts. It’s a back door approach that will likely fail once they realize that they don’t have the tech to make phones as fast, thin and light as the iPhone, thus requiring them to keep making their phones even bigger. Eventually people will grow tired of holding Samsung’s ghetto blaster-sized phones up to their faces and come back to reality.

    3. Yes, phones that come out next year will have faster processors.

      However, for mobile devices, the triad of processor speed/battery life/size is a balance. Apple will eventually have an advantage here by customizing their processors that fit their needs best and have the best horsepower to power use. Size, of course, dictates how large a battery can be used. More efficient processors will allow Apple to keep the phone thinner than the competition while being in the very good in both processor speed and battery life.

  2. At any given time, one smartphone with have a feature that others do not, but it would be foolish to say that having a better set of technical features make a phone better. I like the iPhone because of the integration with iTunes, Macs and iCloud. Were I to switch to a samsung with say… 4 core cpu instead of a 2 core cpu, I would have to give up the whole Apple ecology and settle for alternatives that do not have the same level of tight integration, if any. This point is lost on the fandroids who seem to have only their android phone and nothing else.

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