Apple’s new EarPods have more bass than Dr. Dre’s Beats earbuds

“The new EarPods sound way, way better than the old ones. In fact, to my ears, the new EarPods have more bass than a pair of $160 Tour earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre, which are marketed for their extra bass boom,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac. “And they cost $130 less to boot.”

“I’ve spent the morning listening to the new EarPods. They sound great. There’s good separation of the instruments and pretty good bass. The bass isn’t as good as that from a pair of AKG K414P headphones, which I used as a reference,” Kahney reports. “But the bass is better than the bass from a pair of Tour earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre. I listened to some electronica (a mix by Adam Freeland), some classic rock (Martha by Jefferson Airplane, which sounded great) and some reggae (The Pioneer’s Longshot Kick De Bucket, which could would have been bassier. A lot bassier actually). I also watched a couple of TV and movie trailers, including the new Walking Dead trailer.”

Kahney reports, “The EarPods are perfectly comfortable. They are light and airy. They don’t hurt my ears, even after extended listening. They don’t slip out, even when I shake my head.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I have both And apples are MUCH better then before but no way is the bass better on the apple head sets. Or the overall sound PERIOD.
    I will say if you don’t have the right tips on the beats the sound will not be good. Gotta have em in there real snug.

  2. MDN is so bias. do you think that $29 piece of shit is better than $300 headphone? everything is good if apple makes? what’s wrong with you? it’s absolutely not. crap is just crap no matter what. stop doing fanboyism. I am sick of you.

    1. Did I miss something. I don’t see MDN making a comment.

      If you are sick of MDN, why visit the site? There are plenty of sites out there that try to be objective. MDN doesn’t claim to be. It’s sort of what makes this site fun for Mac fans. There are plenty of sites out there that make fun of Apple products.

          1. Macbias u need to shut The fuck up. Apple has a great quality of things and im still damn 100% there new EarPods are way better them dr.dre’s ibeats. So shut up ur fuckin mouth. Your nothin more then a phonie pedo kid.

      Please do not feed or interact with the trolls. While they look human, they lack basic social skills necessary for reasoning and coexistence. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    3. I’m sick of people who don’t read. First paragraph after the opinion quote says: “Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac.” NOT MacDailyNews.

      And MDN provides the link to the article. READ EDWARD.

    4. Edward, you are a fucking idiot. Please, do us all a favour and drown yourself.
      I’ve got six pairs of Apple earphones that have never been used, along with Shure SE215, Ultimate Ears SuperFi 3 Pro and UE TripleFi 10 Studio in-ear monitors, that’s a price range from around $75-300, and I’ve been listening to music all afternoon through a pair of the new Apple ‘phones with my iPod Classic, playing music of just about every genre, from folk to heavy rock, ripped at 320Kb, and I am astonished at just how good a pair of $30 ‘phones can sound! They really are fantastically good, not quite up there with my TripleFi’s, but they have triple-flange eartips which really seal the ear canal, and give very deep and extended bass, but the Apple ‘phones are very detailed, brushed drums and vocals really shine, it’s only very busy mixes with lots going on that get a bit muddled, which is hardly surprising.
      It’s only the fact that a certain amount of background noise leaks through in noisy environments that stops them being my everyday phones of choice, as I frequently operate noisy machinery and my Shures and UE’s block 26dB of background noise, which is a requirement for work.
      Edward, blow your stupid, ignorant and ill-informed comments out of your ass.

  3. Hey edward you young troll you. Or are you going to come out as gupta or chris? Is it noon in Korea?

    I bought a pair of the ear pods while on a baseball and bbq trip to KC. I think they are fantastic. Very good overall sound and you just can’t beat the for $30. Well worth the money.

  4. I bought a pair to use with my 5th gen iPod nano. They DO sound quite good. I like that they sound so good without needing to block out external noise (like “in-ear” headphones do), because when I’m walking down a busy city street, I want to hear those external sounds (for safety). I can barely feel them in my ears (“light and airy” is a good description), so when I use them, it sounds like I’m listening to a nice set of living room speakers. The control buttons on the cord are also much better than before.

    They are a bit too loose in my ears, but that’s not different from the previous Apple earbuds. If I’m sitting or walking, they are fine. If I’m running (or it’s very windy outside), they fall out. Interestingly, the right one tends to fall out more. I think it’s because of the larger (and probably heavier) remote control that’s on the right side cord. It seems to swing around more when I’m running, and also catches the wind.

    With in-ear headphones that come with three sizes for the rubber “reverse suction-cup” earpiece, I use the largest size. So, I’m guessing my ears are larger than average. I won’t be able to use them when I run (I’ll use my Sony “MDR-E10LP” earbuds), but I think I’ll use them at all other times.

  5. Rode 10 miles on the bike listening to some deep, low end theory music. These bass cabinets rumble so goood..

    Really sound much better than my 4S buds.

    Who’s Dr. Dre? An audiologist? What?

  6. EarPods are absolutely fantastic. A $200 dollar value for just $30.

    All those air holes actually work as described too……try covering one up with your finger and you see what difference it makes. Just “Superb Engineering”.

  7. Leander claims, “The new EarPods sound way, way better than the old ones. In fact, to my ears, the new EarPods have more bass than a pair of $160 Tour earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre, which are marketed for their extra bass boom.”

    Well gosh, Leander, where did you get your ears tuned? You publish opinion as fact and expect us all the just trust your golden ears? You offer no published frequency response & total harmonic distortion curves, and thus no way to believe this amateurish review.

    Why, why, why, with all this modern technology at our fingertips, are we still acting like black magic voodoo-believing cavemen, spreading opinion and guesstimates as fact?


    I swear the internet could easily be reduced to 1/100th its current number of sites if repetition of corporate news released masquerading as journalism and uninformed opinion parading as reviews were all eliminated. Apple, why don’t you get working on that.

    1. It’s an OPINION piece. How do I know? Oh, I don’t know…… but I think the words “….to my ears….” give it away slightly.

      And, what’s that? You want Apple to act as web master? What?

      1. nice cutting of the quote. you almost included a full sentence in your snippet.

        Let me remind you again the full context:

        Leander claims, “The new EarPods sound way, way better than the old ones. In fact, to my ears, the new EarPods have more bass than a pair of $160 Tour earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre, which are marketed for their extra bass boom.”

        What does “in fact” give away to you, my friend? Facts, distortions, unsubstantiated guesstimates, or lies? To me it sure seemed like opinion masquerading as fact, but you seem to have gotten something different our of it. Do, please, enlighten us how it is value added for MDN to take a piece that proclaims itself to be “fact”, and then we discover that we and the rest of the planet is just supposed to take it as opinion. It this the best rubbish MDN can dig up?

    2. Quantitative and Qualitative are not the same thing. “Measuring and reporting” gives quantitavie results in the manner of Windoze/PC and Samsung. Qualitative is as it appears in real world usage. Subjective results are denounced by quantitive mindsets and techies, yet “Subjective” is personal and more life like.

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