Record for longest wait for Apple product: 240 hours for iPhone 4S

Last autumn, Apple told the world that it would begin selling the iPhone 4S on October 14, which only meant one thing: The start of long queues outside Apple Stores, Dino Grandoni reported for The Atlantic Wire last October.

So far, the record holder to date is garbage-man-cum-blogger Rob Shoesmith, the first man in the iPhone 4S queue at London’s Convent Garden store, Grandoni reported. Shoesmith set the current world record for longest wait in line at an Apple Store at 10 days.

Grandoni reports, “We decided to take look back at how long people have waited for Apple’s various much-sought out baubles.”

Longest amounts of time spent waiting for Apple iOS devices:
• Original iPhone: 110 hours
• iPhone 3G: 168 hours
• Original iPad: 48 hours
• iPad 2: 41 hours
• iPhone 4S: 240 hours

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MacDailyNews Take: Is anyone out there working on beating the 240 hour record for iPhone 5?


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