iPhone 5 may be Apple’s last blowout U.S. bestseller

“The iPhone 5 hasn’t even hit stores yet and it’s already blowing the doors off the competition. Apple pre-sold 2 million iPhone 5s in one day, setting a new smartphone record,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney. “Industry analysts widely expect the iPhone 5 to be the bestselling mobile device of all time.Given the way Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) continues winning over consumers around the world, the iPhone 5’s global record will probably last exactly one sales cycle, until the iPhone 6 is released.”

Goldman reports, “In the United States, however, there’s a reasonable chance that the iPhone 5 will hold the nation’s smartphone sales record for much longer — maybe forever. As the smartphone boom comes to an end and carriers make upgrades more expensive and onerous for their customers, the iPhone’s popularity in the U.S. is likely to plateau.”

Most of Apple’s iPhones get sold to brand-new customers. Last year, Apple newbies bought two-thirds of the 30 million iPhones sold in the U.S., Macquarie Securities estimates,” Goldman reports. “Those numbers will start dropping as the pool of untapped iPhone customers willing to splurge on a new iPhone dries up. The iPhone represented 45% of all smartphone sales last year at the ‘Big Three’ national carriers — Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Analysts at Macquarie, Nomura and other Wall Street firms expect that figure to rise significantly this year — then level off.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


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  1. As fewer people are without a smart phone and with the two year contract cycle, it becomes more difficult to increase the rate of acquiring new customers. There is some sense to this, but it may take a little longer as the Android crowd will likely contribute to new iPhone sales as they switch.

    1. Bingo- good comment. The article says future iPhones may not garner so many sales, because of the Telco’s, not Apple. These over controlling installers of transmitter boxes have put zero value add into my smartphone experience in the 3 years I’ve had my iPhone and all they want to do is figure out how to connive me out of my grandfathered agreement. All apple needs to do is Trojan in a 5th transmit band into their iPhone , launch a few dozen satellites And say goodbye to ’em all!

  2. Those newbies that represented 2/3s of sales last year will join the hundreds of millions of loyal iPhone customers who are now within a very predictable and stable 2yr upgrade cycle. Also note that customers who previously had opted for cheaper Android and Blackberry offerings are now moving to newly built but older iPhone models. So yes, maybe the brand new top of line iPhone will not see the same meteoric trajectory in sales over the previous top o the line model, but tons on revenue will continue to flow to Apple via its huge install base of iPhone users. Studies have shown that once uses enter the Apple evosystem, they are very loyal.

    1. Yes, I agree.

      To get around this idea, the author tries to fiat in the concept of rising carrier charges for upgrade “as the smartphone boom ends”. I’m not sure why they would do this if people are already upgrading at a good rate, which, as you note, iPhone owners do.

      I’m sure the carriers would like to have more months without paying for the iPhone subsidy, but I suspect they have already factored in the shorter upgrade cycle.

      Also, empirically iPhone owner are more likely to spend money on and via their tech – not sure that even a small bump in rates or subsidized phone prices is going to slow this train.

    1. Wishful thinking trying to manipulate the stock. There’s one or two in every crowd. So far they’ve always been wrong and will continue to be. It will be interesting what Apple will do for a follow up with iP6. They probably know the space will need a bit of a kick in the posterior to reignite (if needed) and maintain sales and interest. Before smart phones phones didn’t change much for decades yet we expect yearly chewing satisfaction now. Such is the digital way. Once you get on that train there’s no getting off.

  3. Apple, of course, would never target the other 80% of the worlds population outside of the US & EU markets, so…

    In addition, Apple has multiple versions of Airport, MacBook, MacPro and rumored iPad, but Apple would NEVER make an iPhone Mini, now, would they?

    Apple’s marketing team above all else is not stupid.

    1. Precisely. I’m on one of the smaller regional carriers that has, thus far, not been blessed with the darned thing (CDMA). I could change carriers I suppose, but my choices are Verizon or ATT. So far, I haven’t needed a smart phone, so no real impetus to change; my 7-year-old dumb phone does the job for my little bit of calling, and I’ve got an iPad for my mobile computing. Whether my carrier ever jumps into the LTE pot remains to be seen; if it does and the phone is made available, then I might consider going to an iPhone. I certainly would like to have one, but I really don’t need it. Regardless, I remain a potential owner, and I certainly have no interest in an android device. The iPhone has already won me over; the industry, not so much. (Though counter to the claims some are making about kids not thinking iPhones are cool anymore, my nephew is getting one for his birthday next month [shhhh…it’s a surprise] and it is all he has been asking for; all his friends have a 4 or a 4S. He’ll be at the top of the heap with a new 5. His mama [and his uncle] sure are nice people to him)

  4. hilarious logic:
    iPhone/Apple naysayers i.e. Samsung ads mock iPhone lines.
    they state there’s no painful lines to wait for their phones.
    no lines = less unit sales schmucks. + less loyalty.
    fans are not stupid, but Samsung etc. take us for granted. not Apple!

    the other Samsung mockery:
    apple fanboys standing in line for each product should get paid. does that not spell out total loyalty, more than stupidity?! it’s more sales. Samsung’s wishful wed dream! they’re merely jealous.

    keep poking fun, Apple’s not the one suffering hermorrhages & mockery reversal up your asses right back at you…

    1. No, they’re predicting that Apple won’t have another US sales record before the iPhone 5 even comes out. Forget waiting to see what Apple has up its sleeve for the next 4 or 5 iPhones.

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