Ironfire Capital’s Jackson: Apple shares to hit $1,650 by late 2015

“With both [Apple and Google] stocks over $700 a share and the companies on a collision course Breakout asked Ironfire Capital founder Eric Jackson which company will emerge as the victor in the looming war for your consuming and investing dollars,” Jeff Macke reports for Yahoo Finance’s Breakout. “‘Apple’s already won to this point, hands down,’ says Jackson in the attached video. Stock price, cash hoard, mind share; whatever metric an investor wants to use Jackson says Apple holds a dominant lead. Ironically it was Google itself that helped give Apple the edge.”

“To be more than the Washington Generals to Apple’s Globetrotters, Google will need to expand from one great business into a great corporation; not at all unlike what Apple did in the late ’90s when it stopped being just a Mac company,” Macke reports. “Until Google can create an alternative app universe for Android users or crack the code on monetizing mobile search they’re going to be living off an aging monopoly. It’s not the end of the world, but becoming a search version of Microsoft (MSFT) isn’t going to inspire shareholders.”

Macke reports, “If you’re looking to buy either one today Jackson says the choice is easy. ‘By 2015, I see Apple going to $1,650.’ he says. ‘This train is just getting out of the station.’ It’s a projection that makes Jackson’s Google price target of $880 in 6 to 12 months seem barely worth your while.”

Full article, with video, here.


  1. These so-called analysts are getting absolutely ridiculous. Where is all this investor money coming from is what I’d like to know? I don’t care how much revenue Apple makes, that isn’t going to drive the price up to those levels unless investors are willing to put money into the stock. Right now, investors are willing to put more money into Google than they are Apple. What’s going so right with Google that the share price keeps steadily climbing while Apple is getting all the applaud and sales? Even Amazon is climbing faster than Apple and they haven’t sold a single Fire HD. It’s all about perception. If Apple isn’t perceived by most investors to have future growth, then they’re not going to invest. There’s a hell of a big jump from the current $700 to even $800, but to double that in just a couple of years seems nearly impossible. Apple may be running the show, but Wall Street sets the price of admission and already they think it’s too high. Apple looks to have two blowout quarters coming in a row and I’d be very surprised if Apple gets past $800 by the second financial quarter 2013.

    1. yeah, you are absolutely right. I think that investment companies seem to expect it too much. I saw the future on apple. after Steve Jobs, the company life doesn’t seem too long. they showed limitation in this year. lawsuit, buying tons of patents…. you see what it means. apple can’t create new technology anymore. it tries to monopolize the market whether it is intentional or not. they should stop these. otherwise, other companies will turn away, won’t do business, leave apple alone. Samsung the biggest supplier will continue to grow. they have lots of advantage unlikely rotten apple. 2015 will be the doomsday for apple.

  2. that’s your dream. it won’t happen. why? before 2015, apple will fall quickly. it will be back to 1997. don’t you people know? the company abuses its power nowadays in terms of lawsuit. this company will fail by lawsuit. it will lose all allies. nobody will contract with it. apple will be in a big trouble unlikely samsung. it doesn’t have manufacture factory, and doesn’t build their own parts for idevices, mac. well, they don’t have ability. I hope that the company like apple should be died. they don’t seem to appreciate what they received. they only think about money, money. after Steve Jobs, all legend seem quickly vanish. people won’t remember what the company was soon.

    1. This is ridiculous. Abuse of lawsuits. Dude, they are just protecting their IP. They have absolutely no choice but to sue.

      They are not trying to monopolize, they are demanding each and every other company to be unique.

      Are they suing for each and every kirf iPhone? Who knows, but what they are doing is going after the idiots who don’t know when to stop.

      Look at it this way.

      Let’s say you paint your house, put in bushes, grass, trees, etc. Looks great inside and out. Now let’s say your neighbor makes his house look exactly like yours. Ahh that’s annoying. Now let’s say you spent a lot on upgrades and sold your house for a premium. Let’s say your neighbor was a hoarder, had garbage and poo in side his house, and sold it for the same amount as you did. You would be beside yourself.

      Now let’s say you wrote a book, titled, “My Girl Jane.” It landed on NYT Best Seller’s list. Now let’s say your neighbor copied your book and called it, “My Dog Jeff,” and it too landed on the NYT Best Seller’s list. You open the book, it’s just like yours. However because the title was different everyone else says, no it’s not the same. And you sue, and some douche calls you abusive.

      Wouldn’t you be irate… Dude, your the douche.

      1. Imagine a company launches a cola drink in a curvy glass bottle so similar to the Coke bottle that buyers frequently believe they are buying Coca-cola. In fact the new company has research showing that a large number of people have returned the new product with the “reason for return” as they thought they were buying the original.

        That company would get sued very quickly. The legal system specifically allows companies to protect their trade dress. Specifically allows design patents. It’s not an abuse. It’s the way the laws were designed.

        Samsung’s own research showed that their advertising campaign was ineffective, because the majority of people exposed to it thought they were seeing iPhone ads.

    2. Go back under your tree you Troll. Have you ever applied for a patent or ever procured one? I have three patents and they are not a joke to obtain. Once someone enters the market place with a good idea, it will seem obvious, and everyone wants to copy it. Before the iPhone, there was NO mass marketed successful smart phone that used Touch screen and the GUI apple created. Please don’t be revisionist. Look at the facts. Who also patented slide to unlock? Apple. Again. Something “obvious” , right? No one else had done it prior to Apple but because they did it, it is okay for others to steal that idea. you are a joke Edward. Go play with yourself in your basement.
      And as an aside Amazon is trading at over 300 P/E ratio!!! Apple at 13. One makes products and tremendous profit, the other just services other people’s goods, but Apple is overpriced? Give me a break. Apple makes more profit in 5 days than Amazon does all year!

  3. All apple has to do is develop Siri a bit more and launch their own search to compete with google. Google shares will dive to 1/4 what hey are now. Then apple develops ad sales on their devises. Why give that potential revenue away. Then go into enterprise. Kill Microsoft. They started. Maps. Siri. It’s happening. iPad mini with phone. You’ll see. I’d buy one. Small and large. Wish they weren’t so slow. Fixing Fcp would be an idea too. But lots of upside with even obvious ideas.

  4. 1600$ in 2015?
    With republicans: you’ll buy as much as with 16$ nowadays.
    With democrats: you’ll buy as much as with 160$ nowadays.
    But anyhow around, and the trillions of uncovered US$ banknotes and debts around, the $ has to sink. None can avoid that!

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