Queue begins for iPhone 5 outside iconic Apple Store Fifth Avenue

“With four days to go before the iPhone 5 becomes available, customers have begun lining up outside Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City in what has become an annual tradition,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Customers will be able to purchase Apple’s latest handset at 8 a.m. local time this Friday,” Hughes reports. “Most of the customers who were in line Monday morning were hoping to gain attention for websites they were promoting, according to AppleInsider reader Ryan.”

Hughes reports, “Demand for the new iPhone is at a fever pitch, with the handset on pace to become the fastest selling smartphone ever… With the initial batch of preorders sold out, waiting in line outside of an Apple retail store may be the only way some customers can get an iPhone 5 on its launch date.”

Read more and see the photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now, as long as John Browett doesn’t get any bright ideas…

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iPhone 5 pre-orders start at 12:01am PDT, Friday, September 14 – September 13, 2012


  1. This I think we can do without but heck they folks did it for Cabbage Patch dolls too so I guess it part of the human condition to do it and then live to tell about it to anyone who might care about you getting all wet and bothered over a phone.

  2. Ooooo, a chance for Samsung enthusiasts to try real-world bragging attempts to Apple “lemmings” waiting in line. I would LOVE to see some Sammy customer walk up and flash an S3 or Galaxy Note. He could probably do better if he held up the Sam-phone and held out his hat. Imagine how much change he could collect from all the Apples customers feeling sorry for him…

        1. Seems it wasn’t the cause. It just happened to occur just as I clicked the video.

          Then after I rebooted, it went totally blank after 10 min. Having Apple store look into it!

  3. For all of the idiots queuing up and camping out in Chicago, on the day it’s available, all ya gotta do is drive about 1 hour away from the lake to any small town. AT&T and Verizon stores are everywhere (as are many Radio Shacks), just walk in, no lines, get the phone, and be out of the door in a few minutes. Grab a huge pulled pork sandwich w/ corn on the cob and a beer for about $6 while you’re out there.
    I’ve always got my Apple products this way. Personally, I’m just 10 minutes from one of these places and most of these stores have some left over at the end of the day.
    City folk are idiots. They think they’ll explode if they venture outside of Cook County. Move to the country, rent is half the price (my 1 bedroom apt near the Metra train is $650), parking is free and ample, no need to lock your car if you’re in the store or pub, beer is cheap, and there is never a line anywhere for anything.

    1. aryugaetu, I understand your points about small-town living. I grew up in small town.
      But I think you’re missing the draw of being at an event, amongst people with whom you share an interest, a passion even. It’s an experience.
      I’m sorry, but hopping in my car – even enjoying free parking, and zipping in and out of store with my purchase, is not an experience.

      An example I’ll use is someone saying, “Why would I line up to see Green Day perform live, when I can just go to my basement and watch a video of one of their recent concerts?!”

      (And by the way, I live downtown in a major city, and I don’t lock my car. Ever. Is my car occasionally rifled? Yes, maybe once a year. I simply don’t leave any valuables in my car over night.)

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