Apple stock hits all-time record high as iPhone 5 sells out in one hour; Verizon pushes shipping out to Sept. 26

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) rose to a record after the company said the iPhone 5 won’t ship for two weeks from its online store, fueling speculation that the latest model had sold out,” Ryan Faughnder reports for Bloomberg.

“The shares gained [1.95 percent in morning trading and] reached an intraday record of [$696.82],” Faughnder reports. “Through yesterday, the stock had advanced 69 percent this year.”

Faughnder reports, “‘The initial batch is sold out,’ said Shaw Wu, an analyst at Sterne Agee & Leach Inc., in an interview. He raised his sales estimate for the quarter ending in September to 26 million units, from 23 million. ‘We think that could turn out to be conservative.'”

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Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors, “Verizon is the first of the three major U.S. carriers to see its shipping estimates slip with new pre-orders now estimated to arrive on September 26.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 5 is just the first volley. You haven’t seen anything, yet!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


      1. Not sure where you get your enthusiasm from? Android currently rules internationally, there are still 1.9 billion with a B Windows users.

        Here is where it gets confusing…. Google simply tracks on stock price right along Apple even a day after the intro of the iPhone 5. Google is a very young company as compared to Apple hence they are extremely short on outstanding shares which of course is why they do not market cap as high as Apple but it is crazy to see them just moving along the way they are!

        Listen the iPhone 5 was the BIG deal, the rest will be once again a variety of nice offerings but to a smaller audience. revamped iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and yes of course a 7.85″ iPad which will be interesting to say the least as that 7″ market is pretty crowded these days.

        1. Pat, which part of “Apple takes 71% of smartphone profits” do you not get? Android rules nothing that matters. And Windows? Microsoft is scrambling to even get a place in the post-PC era with their Surface… thingy. May Steve Ballmer remain CEO as long as it takes.

        2. An extremely pathetic attempt to rain on what is an unbelievably positive parade, Patty. Truly, your trollisms never gain traction here even on a down APPL day, MUCH LESS what is happening today and for the rest of this year.

          Go somewhere else to find some love. There’s none here for the likes of you.

        3. You write as if Android is some monolithic whole. It isn’t. It’s a fragmented mess.

          No doubt Google’s stock is moving up nicely. Some of that is due to correlation with the market, so it’s not surprising to see Apple go up and Google go up too.

          Even if Google had 3x as many shares, doesn’t mean that Google’s market cap would be 3x greater and on par with Apple.

        4. If by “rules” you mean Android has a large marketshare but generates crap for profit, and is so fragmented that it isn’t even a platform anymore but a collection of many separate platforms(causing a massive headache for developers, among other things), then yes. It rules.

          If however you judge it by any other metric than marketshare, no. It doesn’t rule so much. It actually fails really hard.

          1.9 billion Windows users? Well, there are going to be a lot less of them after Windows 8 hits. =D

      2. Now now @peterblood71. The idea isn’t ‘massacre’. It’s COMPETITION. The more Apple imposes justice upon the plagiaristic criminals, the better it’s going to be for innovation as well as prices. The customer wins.

        Where the customer LOSES is when there is no competition and the market is flooded with ripoff crap. Massacring all the ripoff crap is great with me! But Apple REQUIRES competition in order to be its best.

    1. It would make for a pleasant weekend if Apple were to finish above $700, but given the roundness of the number, there are probably lots of profit-takers at that price point.

      1. Didn’t mean to offend you. Just excited that my target is in sight. You should be happy for me. I’d raise my glass to someone selling 400 shares today, why wouldn’t you?

    1. Buying 3-4 cars there Wingsy? It is astounding to realize you can take out only about 50 shares and buy a very nice car. Thanks Apple! The other thing is all the Apple stuff I ever bought, including our new iPhone 5’s, has been paid for by Apple via stock & now dividends. But yeah, wish I had bought more, the eternal lament in silent whimpering.

        1. Congrats, sounds awesome. I have one acre, 440ft of frontage on a lake on two sides of my property. Just finishing a large log handpeeled timberframe. And yes, my Apple shares made it possible! Thanks, Steve!

    1. What I don’t get is why Google isn’t on a more way downward stock track as Android is in peril and their apps, advertising stuff is being taken off the most popular portable devices out there – Apple’s. When will investors wake up to that?

      1. Where did you hear that Google is in peril? That certainly is not bearing out in the market? Google is another great American success story and they too should be celebrated. Maybe not by Apple fans as Chevy fans do not celebrate Ford but more as Americans as a whole.

        1. Google’s getting phased out of iOS, Android has only generated about $550 million in profit for them from 2008 to the end of 2011, the ecosystem is so fractured that only a tiny number of devices can run the latest Android version, being a developer for Android sucks, Google’s plan for the future seems to involve a lot of meaningless glitz and glamour like Google Glasses but nothing that will solve any of its actual problems… Am I leaving anything out?

          Until they can get their house in order, Google + peril == TRUE.

      2. When they realize that their POS androids are pure crap and that Google is asleep at the wheel and shit out of money for all their recent spending on startups, that won’t help them make up for the lost revenue resulting from Apple’s advances and recent legal victories….

      3. Google doesn’t make much off Android, and in fact makes more from Mobile Safari’s search. So, Apple does well, Google does well too, that’s why Steve was so annoyed with Schmidt. They could have owned mobile search without having to steal from iOS.

  1. Fantastic . . . I’v just one complaint that actually will translate into even more sales for Apple on Verizon in about a week.

    I was among the million or so to order the Verizon iPhone as soon as it became available. This was in Feb. 2012, which makes all of us eligible for the new iPhone on about Oct. 5.

    A Verizon rep told me that other than paying $160 per line for early termination, that Apple (not Verizon) won’t let them give us the upgrade a week early so we can enjoy the launch like other Apple-lovin’ SOBs.

    As much as that sucks for me and seems cold-hearted, that also means that the vast majority (like 90 percent) of these Verizon iPhone 5 buyers are likely new to iPhone. There will be a huge second wave of us in early October.


    1. Prove it, iNeuron. Go try to buy an iPhone 5 RIGHT NOW, and see how far you get. Second hand anecdotal evidence isn’t worth spit Find out for yourself. (First hand evidence: At 1:45 AM, MDT, I purchased a 65GB white iPhone 5 from the Apple store, AT&T carrier, and was put on the two week delay list. And that is a fact, not a report from a friend.)

  2. I don’t own any ‘Apple’ shares at all nor have I ever been in the financial position to purchase any over my working life. However, I will still die a happy man having played my small part in ensuring the success of a company that has provided me with immense joy and happiness for the products they produced and for the many I have bought since 1984 and will continue to buy in the future. Thank you Steve Jobs & thank you Apple Inc!

  3. Question: Is it actually possible to play videos posted at Without using MS Internet Explorer that is.

    I have NEVER gotten Bloomberg videos to play in any browser ever. All I get are meaningless error messages or the ever delightful “You need to enable Javascript” messages that make no sense at all. The only times I get that dopey message are when the site was built with MS FrontPage or its sequel horror. And I’m not going to crank up Parallels and Windoze just to watch Bloomberg stuff.

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