iPhone 5 pre-orders start at 12:01am PDT, Friday, September 14

“While Apple has yet to officially announce tomorrow’s starting time for iPhone 5 pre-orders, it is beginning to look like the launch will follow the same pattern as last year with pre-orders starting at 12:01 AM Pacific Time / 3:01 AM Eastern Time,” Eric Slivka reports fror MacRumors.

“Apple sales representatives have been telling customers asking about availability that pre-orders will begin at that time, and both Verizon and Sprint have announced 12:01 AM Pacific launches for their own pre-orders,” Slivka reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: If true, hopefully Apple is ready-to-go right off the bat this year!


  1. My problem.. I am halfway through my contract with the 4S…
    I need to talk to AT&T and see what my options are.
    Maybe I’ll stop in and talk to them tonight and see if they are going to allow early upgrades, or early partial subsidized upgrades. Or if I have to buy the iPhone outright.
    They offered me the early partial price last year, but if I waited a month I could get the full subsidized price.. So I waited.

    1. AT&T has taken to total arrogance in accommodating Apple users and won’t make exceptions…I spoke to 3 mangers yesterday who said ” No exceptions” one of them told me that “all iPhone users demand this and that AT&T has learned to live with the fact that they will loose 30-40,000 iPhone users at every launch, that will leave on account of not getting their wishes”.

    2. My problem. Black or White? My wife wants the black…didn’t even hesitate. Now I am thinking what if her black looks better than my white? No, surely not….the white is definitely better…right? Hmmmm. What to do., what to do….

  2. Does anyone know if AT&T is responding to pressue fromiPhone 4s users looking for early upgrade qualification?

    Does anyone know if buying an iPhone 5 unsubsidized forces AT&T to unlock it?

    1. Answer to your first question in our particular case they have offered an upgrade to my husband’s contract which ends in Oct.
      For the second question I don’t believe so. I would suggest buying the unlocked version directly from Apple which I did. It will cost you a little more and then you can still remain with At&T. I have a factory unlocked 4s from Apple and have been out of contract for two years and pay month to month. I will be purchasing the iphone5 the same way. I do not want to be married to AT&T under a two year agreement. I live abroad half time so for me this works. Good luck and keep us posted.

          1. Forgot to add the rep told me they have the unlock codes. I will be furious if what she told me and what I posted here is incorrect. She did happen to be reading from her noted and appeared well trained. We’ll see about that. I will post early tomorrow a.m. as I’m an insomniac and will attempt to purchase through my small business account online.

        1. I just got off the phone with an AT@T two minutes ago and she confirmed that they will sell the unsubsidized phone for $549.00 and will unlock it. This is without a contract. Frankly I was surprised because there was a price difference which we paid for the factory unlocked version. If she is correct, we got screwed initially. I hope she’s correct with the information she gave to me.

          1. Thanks again but:
            Just learned of “an override” possibility of stated AT&T policies.
            Looks I found someone to “override” the 3 asshole managers that refused me yesterday….

            👽 seeing is believing…

  3. In the past 5 years, has there EVER been a truly smooth launch? I mean, come 12:01AM expect COMPLETE CHAOS. You better have backup payment solutions, a backup phone number eligible for renewal and be content with staying up until 6AM PST to complete the transaction.

    Last year I had 3 backup numbers that were eligible for upgrade. I had one number go down the drain, when they decided to put the order on a “waiting” list due to web site trouble. This year is a different story, I get only one shot.

    Please no waiting list to “pre-order”, this time.

  4. Where’s that “meh” guy from a few days ago? At least HE won’t be staying up tonight for the pre-order. (And again, thanks to him and his ilk for freeing up order space for the rest of us!)

  5. The smart ones will wait until about 7:00 am in the morning to place their orders. The initial crush that will inevitably crash the system for the first couple of hours after midnight will be over by then, and last year Apple still had plenty of 4S models available for first day delivery for those that simply waited a few hours. Those that get up at midnight PT and try to order right then will face nothing but frustration for 2-3 hours, so don’t waste your time.

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