BMW X5 drives into Apple Store in brazen burglary (with surveillance video)

“A Los Angeles man accused of crashing his SUV through an Apple storefront in Temecula [California] in a brazen burglary last week pleaded not guilty Wednesday, Sept. 12, to multiple felonies,” Sarah Burge reports for The Press Enterprise. “Equonne R. Howard, 22, is being held on $600,000 bail, which is the estimated damage to the Apple Store, authorities said,” Burge reports. “He is charged with vandalism, burglary and theft of electronics in connection with the break-in, as well as burglary and theft of merchandise later in the day from a 7-Eleven, court records show.”

“Prosecutors also allege Howard, who was on parole, has a 2010 burglary conviction from Los Angeles County and a 2008 robbery conviction,” Burge reports.

Equonne Romon Howard, 22, of Los Angeles, was arrested on suspicion of burglarizing the Temecula Apple Store. (Photo: Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.)
Equonne Romon Howard, 22, of Los Angeles, was arrested on suspicion of burglarizing the Temecula Apple Store. (Photo: Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept.)
“Riverside County sheriff’s officials said Howard used his own 2003 BMW X5 to smash through the glass storefront and metal security gate about 5 a.m. Sept. 6. Surveillance footage shows other men with their faces covered jumping out of the SUV and beginning to grab iPhones and iPads off display tables, sheriff’s officials said.”

Burge reports, “Sgt. Kevin McDonald said the badly damaged BMW, which was left with two flat tires, did not make it far from the crime scene. Howard apparently switched out one flat for the spare tire and went to a nearby 7-Eleven to steal a container of Fix-A-Flat, he said. Howard was detained near the Promenade mall Apple Store a few hours after the break-in with the keys to the BMW in his pocket, authorities said. Sheriff’s officials suspect he might have returned to look for a license plate that was left behind.”

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    1. It’s not a real BMW- it’s a Teabagger edition assembled in South Carolina, Mexico or Russia.

      As the driver of a real German car, I want mine made in Germany. Just like I don’t want German made sangria or American vodka.

      Besides, Audi is the true ultimate driving machine. BMW has become what it used to oppose- overweight, overpriced symbols for posers. They used to be moderately priced, lightweight sports sedans for people who liked to drive in an, ahem, ‘spirited’ manner.

      The criminal in question needs to learn how it is done. You get a box Chevy and then do the automotive smash and grab.

    1. “Give the man a break.”

      Fingers crossed your not serious.

      I did not see substantial evidence regarding what he planned to do with stolen goods.

      Satire has its place.

    1. Don’t try to analyze. He used *his* car… he stole a can of Fix-A-Flat to put into *his* tire. He returned to retrieve *his* license plate (enough dough to own an X3 and never heard of VINs?)… and on and on.

    2. Amazing, isn’t it? It actually seems that it was his car.

      I’ve been trying to rationalize this & put scenarios together since I watched the video earlier. Just to avoid being embarrassed to come from the same planet as that idiot.

      Maybe he thought he’d be able to get a bunch of MacBooks from the back??

  1. Send him to prison so that he can become another white/America hating muslim.

    I’ll bet he had lights in the heels of his $300 sneakers, so that the poeleees could follow him in the dark.

    1. I guess you don’t know that Black Muslims in prison are only a small percentage of the total Black prison population. I guess that wouldn’t fit into your world view.

      Also, it’s usually children that have lights in their sneakers but again, we are all prisoners to our own “prejudices”.

  2. Wrong reporting, no way a 22 year old rat face niggy owned that BMW x5, that BMW was stolen, if the rat face at that age could legitametly own that car then he would have had enough decency and self respect to buy apple products and the pride that goes with it instead of stealing them. What a sad way to destroy that car, apple shop and the merchandise. As much as I hate Samsung and android, I would not wish these idiots doing the same to Samsung and windows stores. Horrible video showing horrible people at work 👿😡

  3. I saw this earlier and thought the car must have been stolen. There’s no way someone would do that to their own car for a few iPhones.

    There MUST be more to the story about the car! Maybe he knows it’s about to be repossessed or something. Ok, jeeez. Even if so, the repo company/bank would probably throw up a red flag or something to the police.

    Drugs? That’s the only way something like this could happen I guess. If this guy wasn’t on drugs and owned that car, he needs to have a dunce cap surgically attached to his friggin’ head!

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