Apple posts video of September 12 special media event

Apple has posted video of today’s special media event, hosted by CEO Tim Cook.

Among other things, Apple today unveiled the new iPhone 5, the new iPod touch, the new iPod nano, a new iTunes, a new “Lightning” Dock Connector, new Apple EarPods, and more.

Streaming video requires Safari 4 or 5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, Safari on iOS 3 or later, or QuickTime 7 on Windows.

Watch it (117:42) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “StorrowN” for the heads up.]


  1. Great but sad… what about the Podcast app not in the same time? Why Apple? Want more page visits? You don’t need that. Post PC era = Post web era.
    APP=APPle. :/

    1. Really? I had anticipated coming home tonight after a rough work day, settling in, putting up my feet, and enjoying the show. Fortunately I checked here first, and now I’m heeding your always excellent (albeit downer) advice and attending to the ironing instead.

      Sometimes, I don’t know why I bother. 🙁

  2. I look forward to and watch every presentation with my kids. It’s usually exciting and very interesting but this one was a huge bore.

    It appears that Apple is beginning to loose something since the loss of Jobs. The stock price may continue to climb as well as the profits but that’s because of the momentum that Jobs created. Something is missing. Products seem (or appear) to have peaked and Apple’s service has gone down hill.

    Go ahead and ical this. In 5 years I’ll bet that we’ll look back and see this time frame as a turning point in Apple’s history. I’m not saying that Apple is in decline but I am saying that the excitement is going away and Apple is becoming just another big for profit only company that cares very little for their customers.

    That’s what set Apple apart. The product and the customer came first and because of that we were willing to pay more which translated into a huge amount of money for Apple. Their focus seems to be shifting from the customer to the money. That’s going to hurt profits in the long run.

    Jobs’ influence is waining and it’s beginning to show.

    1. I’m not sure products have peaked. The advancements are going to be incremental for sure, but overall the new phone is a nice upgrade. The ipod lineup is really a nice refresh. And I didn’t find the event boring in the least. I think Steve left Apple in good hands.

    2. Greg you just claimed to be the world’s biggest bore!

      You cannot watch an event of this magnitude with a million other things on your mind, or even with the hope that your children will sit still long enough for you to impress upon them how important this stuff all is.

      Tim Cook was masterful, of both the information, and his on-stage persona. He was achingly passionate, which comes from living with Steve Jobs, about the new products, and more importantly, sent a clear message to Wall Street, that Apple is at the top of its game and ready for Christmas.

      Steve Jobs started the World Stage format, with the ‘hey, look at what we’re doing’, and Cook and his team faithfully recreated that same magic yesterday.

      Without doubt, the whole world was thinking about Steve Jobs, but they weren’t distracted by the elephant in the room and allowed themselves to enjoy the show.

      Tim Cook ushers in a new era that marks the beginning of the Post Jobsian Age, and I welcome that with great anticipation. The FM radio, which Steve Jobs eschewed, is a clear indication Tim Cook is willing to put stuff back on the table.

      There are a thousand things I can’t stand about select features present in a gulf of Apple products I own and little by little, over the years Apple has addressed many of them, but there are still too many left to resolve, but, marketing is not one of them.

      How can anyone not enjoy an Apple event?

      It’s a passive activity, like watching television. Who watches boring television? I suppose some do, but only because they lead miserable lives, wherein all of their joy comes from external sources, like the television, the refrigerator, the bottle, their hand.

      Imagine, sitting through a “boring” event when you could all be outside doing something fun together?

  3. Found this the best presentation of the Cook era. He seemed more at ease than previous keynotes. Showcasing so many Apple people was a nice change of pace from the Jobs dominated events. As usual the complainers overlook the real Apple. Devices which are simply perfect to use and designed for people not devices designed for those who only look for the latest tech features ignoring usability. Being able to use the device in one hand is a huge feature to many.

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