Analysts: What’s most impressive about the new Apple iPhone 5

“It’s not the new and improved features of the iPhone 5 that got the most attention from Wall Street analysts Wednesday, but rather the mass global rollout of the new device and the speed of that availability around the world,” John Melloy reports for CNBC. “By the end of the year, the phone will be available in 100 countries through 240 carriers, according to analysts. And there’s hope for an official China launch soon as well.”

“‘In particular, the velocity at which Apple will distribute the product globally was a positive surprise to us,’ said ISI Group’s Brian Marshall, in a note to clients he wrote shortly after leaving the much-anticipated introduction of the product in San Francisco,” Melloy reports. “‘Overall the iPhone 5 announcement was in-line with previews, though we think the phone is launching at more carriers and sooner than many investors expected,’ wrote Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies. ‘We believe the launch schedule implies that supply constraints are not as bad as some feared.'”

Melloy reports, “The iPhone 5 is ‘the largest consumer product launch in history,’ said Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray. ‘We are raising our September iPhone estimates from 22 million to 27.2 million units given the confirmation of the iPhone 5 launch on September 21.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We knew they were going to eat up Apple’s aggressive rollout schedule. Records will be set that will be difficult to equal, much less exceed. “iPhone 5S” — yuck, that’s horrible to read; they’ll never use it — “iPhone 6” had better have a 20+ country simultaneous launch while also being capable of morphing into a personal helicopter.

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    1. Gimme a break. The stock went up a measly $9 and will probably drop before the end of the week. Apple is going to have scratch and claw every inch of the way to $700. Apple will probably have to sell 50 million of those iPhones before the stock gets above $700. Wall Street isn’t going to give Apple stockholders any free pass. Apple stock doesn’t climb like Amazon because Tim Cook doesn’t talk the talk like Jeff Bezos.

      1. Yeah, Jeff Bozo is so great that Obama change his speech to use Steve Jobs as an example instead of Bozo. Most people don’t even know who Jeff Bozo is. More people know Bozo the clown.

  1. Great to see Apple rolling all these products in time for the holiday season.
    For me the presentation reminded me of everything Apple is successful at. High product quality, attention to detail, implementing capabilities when the time is right not just as a fad, the huge depth in team work and integration of multiple disciplines.
    Next time I start to doubt about Apple, I will think back to this to remind myself that if they keep these core values, no one can beat them.

    1. Agree. Good to watch the presentation after seeing the CNBC misinterpretations. e.g. CNBC implied Apple had a new restaurant reservation App which competes with Open Table when in fact Open Table is integrated into Siri or you can just use the OT App. Presentation clearly distinguishes Apples enginneering and attention to detail.

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