Apple pulls plug on Ping dud on September 30th

Apple’s iTunes Ping service will pong away into the ether come September 30th.

Ping is/was a music-oriented social networking and recommender system service built into iTunes. Ping is/was also accessible via iTunes for the iPhone and iPod touch.

If you go to Ping in iTunes now – we know, who the heck does that?! – you get the succinct message from Apple:

Ping will no longer be available as of September 30.

That is all.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike Taylor” for the heads up.]


  1. I think it didn’t succeed because people didn’t want to let their friends know about all of the Celine Dion, Barry Manilow and New Kids on the Block they’ve been listening to.

    1. It didn’t succeed because people didn’t want to invest in spending time on another social network talking crap all day.

      2 years ago you couldn’t get my teens off facecrap. Now both their accounts are closed because they got bored.

      When people around me at work were talking about about buying the facebook stock a few months ago, i was puzzled at people talking about investing in a company whose sole product was people talking crap all day.

      I knew ping was a bad idea the day they announced it. Facebook, like myspace, will fade away because people will get bored of the same crap and talking the same crap over a long period of time. Why? Because it’s boring.

      Facebook is boring. Twitter is boring. Ping is boring. Nothing to do with Apple. Just social networking in general.

      1. Twitter is boring for the average schmuck. I have nothing to say on Twitter that anyone would want to hear. For people in the news business, it’s invaluable, though.


        1. Not real news. Which is actually nowhere to be found on any main stream outlet. Twitter is for the entertainment twatters. Demi, Ashton, Lindsay, and stars who require a huge worship at their electronic altars.

  2. Why did Apple try to build a social network around iTunes (superficial & niche) when they could have built one around Address Book (essential & widespread)?

    With 400 million iOS devices shipped, and X number of Macs out there, it would be a good foundation for a network. Most of my friends, clients & colleagues would be in my “Address Book Network” on day-one.

    At a minimum, I would love to have a check box next to each contact that says “keep this card up-to-date” (based on the info they’ve entered for themselves on their own device).

  3. iWeb is dead, web will die soon as html 5 too… see FB, moving away from browsers. App is king.
    HTML 5: Facebook’s biggest mistake
    iDVD is dead as optical drives and CDs/DVDs/BluRays.
    Ping is dead, who cares about useless comments about a song (like a web timeline). A separate app for customisable Radio/Sharing as Pandora will fit. Separate Apps… Music, Podcast, Radio/Social, Videos.
    iTunes is bloated because it was just a gateway to sell iPods to the PC users, then iPhones, iPads… now anymore.

  4. Well Likes on Facebook are pretty much how the original Ping was envisioned. Apple didn’t kill Ping, Zuckerberg did when he cancelled the original deal.

    Btw, if you want to see what Ping would have looked like, just look at what Mark’s buddy Sean Parker is doing with Spotify.

  5. Apple started Ping because they thought that music was magical and thought people wanted to share that with each other. But the music industry is just a commercial wasteland and all they wanted to do was hock their own stuff. FaceBook kind of also killed it.

  6. PING was a turd and one of the few noticeable mistakes in Apples history (right up there with the Hi-Fi). No one uses it, Apple was better off partnering or finding another way to do social, perhaps something like Twitter, that would have been cool.

    Now if they would cut down on the bloated size of iTunes and actually make it a useable and better app I would be happy.

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