Samsung shooting new anti-Apple commercial

“Samsung appears to be shooting another one of its commercials where Apple users are waiting in line for a device and Samsung owners wander by, showing off a Samsung product to surprised customers in the queue,” Dieter Bohn reports for The Verge.

“We’ve received photos of a commercial shoot currently being set up in Los Angeles, and everything about it matches up with previous Samsung commercials,” Bohn reports. “Samsung has once again set up a fake Apple store, replete with iOS devices, Macs, and even faked information signage.”

Bohn reports, “There are also cardboard cut-outs of smiling, fake Apple Geniuses wearing the exact same type of green shirt as in previous Samsung commercials. There are also faked app icons floating in the window, which match up with earlier Samsung commercials.”

Read more and see the gallery in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s quest to be the biggest piece of shit company on earth continues apace.

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          1. yeah, even it’s not Samsung but still Korean LG brand you guys hate. the most important part apple can’t deny is AP. they still use Samsung one. what if Samsung cut the deal to supply AP? who will be? None. apple can’t survive without Samsung. apple is so dumbfuck. they forgot that they don’t even own any factory or make parts for their own products. this kind of company will be vanish if something will be happened. there are a lot of potential fact apple won’t even know.

            1. You know what we are saying so there is no need to check our grammar. We know all the facts, but apple fans DO NOT know many things. I hope Samsung stops selling screens and other components to apple.

            2. To Gupta, Chris, Ed, and what ever other fake name you are writing under (my opps if it really is multiple people),
              Are you so lame that you do not realize this is a site where people like Apple?
              Are you a paid troll?
              Are you just an Apple hater and unpaid troll? (which is really stupid LOL)
              Are you off your meds?

              Just curious,

    1. Of course, what would be quite hilarious would be a copy-of-the-copy parody ad …. maybe done by “Funny or Die”.

      Setting is the same – – the line outside an Apple Store.

      Setup is the same – – Samsung fanboy comes by with his widget and shows it off.

      Punchline is what changes – – the crowd simply looks over at his antics, says “Good for You!” … and then goes back to ignoring him.

      As the camera pans away, we overhear someone in line make a comment … “Yeah, I know that guy. He only got through Chemistry by copying from other kids’ papers”.


      1. All of my intelligent geek friends switched to Apple long ago.

        The people I know who have no taste and are cheap as lint, are the ones who stick with non-Apple products. And yes, they don’t acquire apps or software, unless it’s ‘free’.

        A note: It’s quite bizarre. I see them constantly struggling with their devices, but there’s just no question that they would ever buy an Apple product. For at least a year, my co-worker has been unable to transfer his photos to his computer from his Samsung Galaxy phone. And yet he raves about having a “smart” phone, because he can text.
        I guess, when you set the bar that low …

          1. Ha. I’ve met a few of those types in my day. It’s like they enjoy pain or something.

            There’s a few people out there that won’t get apps at all. Free or paid. Too trendy for them I guess.

    1. These are the same idiots that have been soooo satisfied with the POS known as any version of Windows. They have to taste, no class and no scrupples. What else would you expect?

      1. Follow on thought windows vs android.
        An older friend of mine has a cheap windows XP machine. (You know, made by the guy down the street for real cheap)

        Well, the front usb connector fell apart (bad glue).
        They put a DVD read only drive in her computer.
        Her outlook software is bouncing messages and no one can fix.
        Her system has a number of other weird software glitches.
        She would love to get an Apple but they cost too much……..
        So she spends hundreds of dollars on “experts” that cannot fix her system.
        But she cannot change cause she LOVES how Outlook works, and LOVES how Windows media player works…

        Android / Windows, it seems to be the same. Just lost in a world of “I guess I do not deserve better” or some such.

        So sad. 🙁

    2. Sad to say but you are correct. Teens and twentysomethings view the iPhone as an old person’s phone. It’s just not cool. So you’re right, Samsung has won that battle. And eventually that could be the battle that wins the war. But the big battles will really be in China and India. That’s what will make or break Apple. And honestly, those folks don’t really care if they have an iPhone. They don’t have the money and they just want something that’s cheap and works. And local companies and Android manufacturers are selling lots of phones now. Apple is doing great now but in a year and a half they may hit the wall. The Chinese wall. We’ll see.

      1. I disagree. I’m fourteen and my highschool is overflowing with iPhones it’s almost like you aren’t normal if you don’t have a 4 or 4S. It’s either iPhone or basic phone, no androids at this school.

      2. Where on Earth do you live? Teens in So Cal don’t even know what Samsung or Android is.

        When they say “App” you can be damn sure they’re talking about an iOS app. Same with music & iTunes.

        They all sit around and compare tricks and tips. Poor Android kid gets ignored. Same with teen tech support… They’ll fix each others iPhones. Poor Android gets a shrug at best if his app is crashing or whatever.

      3. Samsung had actually LOST that battle. Teens completely prefer iPhones. Your comment about teens viewing it as an old person’s phone is a fairy tale. Only geeks & cheapskates prefer Android. Sales will tell the tale and you’re about to be blown away and your comments shredded to tiny bits by the force of the iPhone 5 sales blast.

    3. Hilarious they feel the product doesn’t stand up on it’s own so need to try to put down Apple instead of focusing on their own virtues and differentiation – oh that’s right, there isn’t any! Of course Apple put down Microsoft for years with the “I’m A Mac” adverts so maybe this is turnabout fair play. Of course Apple is the teflon mobile device company so their commercials effect will be null and void.

      1. More historical revisionism re: “I’m a Mac” ads.

        1) Telling the truth is not a “put down”. Not once did Apple lie, nor did they ever mention Microsoft. They didn’t mention Windows very often, either. Nor did they mention a PC maker by name.

        2) Although exaggerated on occasion, the ads were done with genuine humor. From what I could gather from reply posts at various tech sites, the only people who found them insulting were rapid Windows/MS fanatics/apologists and Apple fanbois.

        Most people, regardless of their platform of choice, “got” the truth at the heart of the ads and had a good chuckle.

        So no “turnabout is fair play” here.

        Apple doesn’t need teflon, either.

        And… by no stretch of the imagination is anything I’ve said meant to convey the notion that Apple has no flaws.

            1. Let’s not make racist comments and insults toward one idiot that will be offensive toward others whom do not deserve it.

              How about we rise above the BS, and show some class for once…

          1. Hmm, based on your comments here, I can understand why Steve Jobs CANCELLED the indian tech center that was to do Apple support. Apple bought the land, cleared it and when it was time to start construction, they cancelled and walked away.

            Hmmm, maybe Steve tried to use Dell Tech support in India??

            Just a thought.

            PS, I have actually gotten some (limited) India tech support that was fair. But mostly NO.

  1. I really like smart advertising…but guess from Samsung it will be dishonest advertising.

    Even if it is just smart marketing, for this dishonest company I hope it back fires. They need to be punished. I would love to see them start to betray themselves like Mac vs Windows, with the big bad Apple trying to control everything and hinder progress. This message infiltrating Korea, causing a backlash on home turf and the start of its demise. Then a sound beating both by products and litigation around the globe.

    Oh well back to reality…

      1. I guess you feel bitter because you just got layoff from Samsung. Why don’ you got get a red dot and stuck in between your eyes and pretend to be “higher class” ?!

        BTW, Indian software engineers’ code sucks and never considered to be innovative. Think Different!!

        Even your ugly arranged-marriage wife is fu@king with a Paki because you are not being creative with your “equipment”.

  2. Why the hell are they going to the trouble of setting up a fake Apple Store for the commercial shoot? Why don’t they just go to their real-life fake Apple Samsung stores and film it there.

    How ironic that they are mocking the retail experience that they are so desperately trying to copy.

  3. Baa baa apple sheep. One thing people hate is knocking others and normally this type of advertising wouldn’t go down well. But what people hate even more is being mocked for being boring and just another pleb wearing the same t-shirt as everyone else. Samsung have hit the
    right nerve and this type of advertising is doing gang busters for them. Samsung sells twice as many s3 compared to apple 4s. Not bad for a company who only really started selling truely smart phones in 2010. You can moan all u like. They have won and don’t think samsung will just die and go away.

    1. Grammar, spelling, command of the language. Surely there must be a dictionary or English text book in your basement. Use it, then you can post again. And by the way……your “sheep” analogy went out of style right around the time Samsung decided to become sheep-like in copying every last element of Apple’s design. You sir, are a complete and total fool. Shut up and go away.

  4. Has anyone else noticed when an ad company does anti-Apple ads, those ads are replete with an undertone of irony taken at the expense of the contracting company, e.g. Microsoft and Samsung?

    1. Reminds me of how inept GM was and is. They used to have an ad showing a sleazy car dealer putting on the moves as if that was the OTHER dealer. All the time I’m thinking theyre mocking themselves and don’t realize it.

    1. That would be patriotic and uplifting; I’d like to see that.

      But funny and attack commercials are the ones people notice the most. I still remember the one with the sock puppet blowing in an empty street after the dot com bubble burst.

      How about a series using the Punch and Judy format, replete with slapstick and caricatures? On second thought, no, any more you can’t get away with a Korean caricature or any kind other than Russian or American…

  5. Let me get this straight. Samsung is committed to copying everything, to every detail, of Apple Inc and the iOS devices, and yet they run commercials saying the very things they are struggling to counterfeit are do-do. Only Droiders, who are too far gone into goofy phone partisanship, miss the ironic illogic of this.

  6. Only one way to take care of these BASTARDS, boycot their products. We may not be able to avoid their components, But we can boycot their TVs, Phones, Washer & Driers, Refrigerators, and anything with a Samsung logo. That should teach them. Hey Samsung, why don’t you sue Google they gave you the poison fruit.

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