Analyst: iPhone 5 will alter mobile industry landscape

“The iPhone 5 will leave a trail of winners and losers across the mobile technology landscape, says J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskwitz,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“Apple is expected to challenge other handset makers with the new phone’s battery performance, screen size, and form factor, Moskowitz said in an investors note released today,” Whitney reports. “Whereas larger rival 4G LTE phones have been called ‘battery hogs’ and ‘pocket hogs,’ the iPhone 5 is expected to sidestep such labels and steal market share from other phone makers.”

Whitney reports, “Wireless carriers in the U.S. will likely see a slew of upgrades to the new iPhone over the near term, according to Moskowitz, putting pressure on their profit margins. The iPhone 5 will also force carriers to ramp up their 4G rollouts as more customers jump from 3G phones. Various suppliers stand to benefit [as well] from the new iPhone.”

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  1. This is the thing. A lot of other phones will add features that the iPhone doesn’t have, but typically they’ll be gimicky, poorly executed, or come at the expense of performance, cost, battery life, etc. People might be moaning that the designs we’ve seen look the same as the iPhone 4s but they’ll have made it thinner, lighter, last as long if not longer, all whilst having a bigger screen and extra functionality. Sure it may not have every bell and whistle, but most people don’t need them or wouldn’t want to make sacrifices to get them.

    1. Valid points.

      Also, it has been easier for Android phones to take bigger leaps in each iteration – they were 5 years behind the iPhone. They have been mostly playing catch up until recently.

      I don’t hate Android phones – there are some good ones out there. However, no single handset is clearly superior to the iPhone 4S. Some features are better, some are worse. In some cases, it is user preference. My father’s Android phone was too big to comfortably sit in my front pocket. He liked it because he likes a big screen and carries it in some abomination case like an appendage on his body.

      Android is further behind iOS, it seems to me. I also think that Apples’ hardware/software integration is better.

    1. A 2012 Ferrari Modena still looks like a ’07 Modena. A BMW M5 looks suspiciously like M5 from five years ago, and the god damn “new” Bentley Continental GT looks almost exactly its predecessors.

      When are all these amateurs get their act together and pay some attention to Gupta?

        1. Fine, you don’t think Ferrari and Bentley are example of excellence in the commonplace market?…my 2012 Acura RDX looks much like its predecessor and it’s great example of classic styling that remains current with a high degree of excellence in manufacturing. And the only “cheap” guys out there are the ones who salivate over the bogo Android sales. Back under the bridge with ye, troll.

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  2. I thought that was obvious. The only reason there are large screen Android phones out there is to get a bigger battery in the phone. The rest is marketing.

    Some idiots who frequent this site fell for the marketing.

    1. A *LOT* of people fell for the marketing – Samsung marketed the hell out of their devices, not to mention they’ve got the most insane variety of things only those with OCD (or Asperger’s with a fixation on Samsung crap) could keep up with it.

      I, for one, never understood why people wanted GIGANTIC screens on their phones (which means insanely large phones that you can’t comfortably use with one hand). And a stylus? Really Samesung?

      1. I don’t think it’s marketing. I think that there is a sweet spot for screen size larger than the existing iPhone. The larger screen just looks like it would give you the ability to do more, see more, or enjoy more with certain types of content. I would buy a Galaxy Note 2 sized device from Apple if it ran iOS. I’ve never really seen a Samsung ad, except those old ones that bashed people waiting in line at Apple stores.

  3. True Story.

    Burying my grandmother today. She lived to be 100 years old. While she didn’t recognize me anymore, except as the guy who fixes things, she once glanced at my phone on the coffee table and asked, “Is that an iPhone?”

    Industry landscape was forever changed by iPhone years ago. Evolution or revolution, or a mix of both, I’ll pick up the new one.

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