The choreography of an Apple special media event

“When Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage Wednesday in San Francisco, presumably to introduce the world to the iPhone 5, everyone knows what’s going to happen,” Doug Gross reports for CNN.

“As a company that has honed image-making to a multi-billion-dollar science, Apple has drafted a detailed playbook for its product announcements,” Gross reports. “The stagecraft rarely, if ever, strays from that tried-and-true script.”

Gross reports, “Predictable? Yes. But, boring? Not in the eyes of the hordes of Apple fanatics who will be hanging on every word. Because when perhaps the most secretive company in tech holds an event, everyone thinks they know what’s going to happen — but no one knows exactly what’s going to happen.”

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MacDailyNews Note: As usual, we’ll have live coverage tomorrow at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT along with a list of live coverage sites from around the Web. We’ll put that post up early tomorrow morning.

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  1. I miss Steve Jobs’ “one more thing”. Tim Cook and the rest of the crew just don’t have the panache that Steve had. Apple can still produce great products, but they cannot perform as well as Steve ever did.

    1. Agreed.

      In addition, nobody but Steve could have brought Apple back from the grave. His ability to get attention (free advertising) will never be matched by anyone else. He built a rock solid company with a talent base which is unmatched as well. And on and on and on….

      No, Cook and company won’t match Steve, but they don’t have to. IMHO, that is exactly is what Steve would have wanted to leave behind.

  2. The reality is that the majority of consumers will never watch this media event outside of the 30 seconds it gets highlighted on the evening news tomorrow night. It will create the buzz, but the iPhone sells itself.

  3. I hope Tim and Co. realize they need a better MC up on stage. Not a “sales guy” but just a good solid charismatic presenter. For such a large company, it can’t be that difficult. Craig Federighi has been my favorite (other than Steve) for a while. I’d be interested to see how he would do in a more active roll than just showing off Mac software.

  4. The product is real (not vaporware). Everything shown will be
    available next week, or the same day! No other tech company
    does this, and no tech company has the talent in house, what’s not to get excited about? Go Tim! This should be easy for him to pull off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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