Apple’s new iCloud features to link iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion tomorrow

“With iOS 6 expected to launch tomorrow we can expect to see some enhancements to iCloud and its associated apps,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

“We can expect to see is a new Lost Mode in Find My iPhone. Lost Mode lets you lock any iOS 6 device remotely,” Haslam reports. “It will also track the device and email you any location changes. You will also be able to see the locations your iOS device has visited on a map.”

Haslam reports, “We can also expect to see new iCloud features in the Notes and Reminders app that Apple launched on the Mac with Mountain Lion.”

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  1. Who says iOS6 is coming to anyone other than developers tomorrow? Historically Apple has released it on the Wednesday prior to the Friday new iPhone release, so it won’t be publicly available to all until the 19th I’m sure.

  2. iOS 6 is so 15 minutes ago. Me and countless other MDN users are already installing iOS 10. This creates a problem. Is it OS X? IOS X? Nevertheless, it has a magical piece of software that lets you see into the past via multiple 2d screen images. The future isn’t worth seeing, and the end is always near.

  3. Notes and Reminders sync is basic and shouldn’t be touted as some great feature. The maps app has a list of problems and I had to revert back to 5 on my phone and get a spare for development….there is A LOT for apple to fix with 6 before it’s a public release. If other articles are true, the GM seed to devs will be tomorrow and when the phones launch on the 21st it will hit the ITunes servers. IMO the Facebook integration is pretty annoying. It makes a mess of your contacts and is buggy with adding a second birthday calendar. Speaking of which 6 goes backwards with the contacts app and group organization….anyways 5 was a huge step forward but 6 is small one. It will be frustrating to those iP4 users that flagship features of iOS 6 won’t be available to them.

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