JPMorgan’s chief U.S. economist says Apple iPhone 5 could add half point to U.S. GDP

“Most folks expect the next-generation iPhone Apple is launching this week to provide a big boost to the company’s bottom line. The economics team at JPMorgan Chase thinks the iPhone 5 will have a much broader impact,” Steve Schaefer reports for Forbes.

“Chief U.S. economist Michael Feroli says sales of the latest version of Apple’s smartphone could add a quarter to half a percentage point to fourth-quarter annualized growth in the U.S.,” Schaefer reports. “Feroli acknowledges that the figure seems eye-popping ‘and for that reason should be treated skeptically.'”

Schaefer reports, “That does not dissuade JPMorgan’s economics team from believing the evidence supports its view. The note cites the launch of the iPhone 4S in October 2011, and the significant outperformance of retail sales expectations that quarter. If the iPhone 5 proves to be a much larger launch – and expectations are for more significant changes than the iPhone 4 to 4S transition – it should add more than the 0.1%- to 0.2%-point lift JPMorgan figures Apple provided in Q4 2011.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold the power of the Cupertino Colossus!

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  1. I’d like clarification that the 8,000,000 iPhone 5s referred to as US sales, are accretive to iPhone sales volume during the December quarter of 2011, or are they total expected US sales.

    I’m modeling 48 million iPhones sold during the CQ4/2012, a 30% (11 million) increase YoY. Apple derives more than 50% of its revenue from international sales. If the referenced 8,000,000 iPhones are accretive to US sales figures, then my model of 48 million is substantially understated.

    1. Apple’s Quarters differ from Calendar Quarters.
      Apple’s are:
      Q1 Oct 1 –  December 31
      Q2 Jan 1 –  March 31
      Q3 April 1 – June 30
      Q4 July 1 –  September 30

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